We provide high-quality, personalized legal services to every client we serve. We also focus on legal work with a broader scope that targets systemic changes that help more people achieve a decent quality of life. The treaty department maintains the treaty database and reviews all potential contracts to protect the nation and its assets when entering into new legal agreements. During this COVID pandemic, the Department of Justice is comprised of the Attorney General, seven (7) in-house counsel, one (1) paralegal, one (1) contract administrator and one (1) executive administrator. The Department of Justice is responsible for providing legal services to the nation and coordinating the activities of other departments of the Ministry. The Department of Justice consists of six (6) departments: Legal Services, Contracts, Enforcement, Oversight, Compliance and Elections Committee. The Attorney General and all Department of Justice staff are unable to provide individual legal advice to private tribal members. If a private member of the Ho-Chunk Nation Tribe needs legal assistance, you may contact Judicare at (800) 472-1638 or the Wisconsin State Bar Legal Aid Program at (800) 543-2625 or a private attorney. The Department of Justice is the legal advisor to the Ho-Chunk Nation. This department serves the collective rights of tribal members by defending the nation`s sovereignty, protecting the nation`s laws, prosecuting violations of those laws, providing legal assistance to all branches of the nation, and defending the nation in tribal, state, and federal courts in matters affecting the interests and welfare of the nation. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the electoral council and the office administrator continue to manage the office with limited access to the public and by appointment only. The electoral committee remains open to the provision of services by telephone and e-mail.

Ho-Chunk Gaming – Location Wittenberg N7198 US Highway 45 Wittenberg, WI 54499 Chief of Police: Earl Lemieux Police Administrator: CaraLee Murphy Scott Seifert was born and raised in Central Florida and belongs to the Comanche Nation. He played basketball and graduated from Saint Leo University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. Scott went on to earn a J.D. and a Certificate of Specialization in Indigenous Law from Michigan State College of Law in 2013. The Compliance Department is responsible for administering the country`s drug, alcohol and narcotics policy, investigating whistleblowers and human resource matters, conducting background investigations of employees and suppliers related to gambling licenses, and many other duties. Director: Todd Burbey Telephone: 608-356-6210 Email: Todd.Burbey@ho-chunk.com The surveillance department is responsible for protecting the assets of the Ho-Chunk Nation. This mission is accomplished by carefully observing activities at Ho-Chunk Nation gaming facilities through observation, recording, reporting and conducting investigations in accordance with instructions. This lack of justice threatens the most basic human needs of many low-income people: food, shelter, health care and personal safety. Ho-Chunk Gaming – Madison Facility 4002 Evan Acres Road Madison, WI 53718 Director: Stuart Rave Phone: 715-284-9098 Email: Stuart.Rave@ho-chunk.com Our priority areas of activity and special projects include: social services and health programs, family law, housing law, licensing, criminal records and employment, elder law, migrant workers, social security and the DOS project. The Ho-Chunk Nation is mandated by the Ho-Chunk Nation Constitution to hold general, special and constitutional elections. The Electoral Council consists of twelve (12) delegates and twelve (12) deputies, each representing their respective districts.

The electoral council meets as necessary, for example if the constitution requires it to hold an election, is named as a defendant or plaintiff in a dispute, discusses changes to applicable electoral laws, certifies elections, and discusses personnel matters affecting the electoral council and its office staff. The electoral council is crucial to the members of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Tribal Counsel: Michelle M. Greendeer-Rave Nicholas Layland Elysia Rodriguez Ho-Chunk Gaming – Wisconsin Dells Facility S3214 County Hwy BD Baraboo, WI 53913 The Department of Justice (“Ministry”), as a member of the executive branch, is required to defend the sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation (“Nation”) and to represent the Nation in matters affecting the interests and welfare of the Nation. The department will serve the nation in tribal, state, and federal forums. Director: Robert Heimlich (Acting) Telephone: 608-223-9576 Email: Robert.Heimlich@ho-chunk.com Phone: 715-284-8900 Fax: 715-284-8600 Cell: 715-299-6104 Email: election.board@ho-chunk.com Senior Tribal Counsel: Wendi A. Huling Amanda L. WhiteEagle Ho-Chunk Gaming – Nekoosa Facility 949 County Road G Nekoosa, WI 54457. The mission is established by the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislative Assembly in the Department of Justice Establishment and Organization Act, 2001: Chair of the Election Committee: Myrna Littlewolf Election Committee Administrator: Melissa Olvera Director: Ian Littlejohn Phone: 715-253-4400 Email: Ian.Littlejohn@ho-chunk.com The mission of the Ho-Chunk Nation Police Service is to protect the property and people of the Ho-Chunk Nation and communities Surrounding. This mission is accomplished by carefully observing activities within Ho-Chunk Nation communities, Ho-Chunk Nation gaming facilities and properties/lands under the jurisdiction of Ho-Chunk Nation. The Ho-Chunk Nation has appointed Scott Seifert as Attorney General and is currently located within the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Justice.

After graduation, he served as U.S. Assistant Special Prosecutor and Chief Tribal Prosecutor for Fort Peck Assiniboine and the Sioux tribe. As a prosecutor, Scott won his case in the courtroom, winning two jury victories for the murder of Native Americans. He was also a member of the Montana Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, where they sought to address the issue of abducted girls on reserves. He is currently working on an MBA from the University of Montana and has a son named Scott Seifert, III, aged 2. He enjoys basketball, weightlifting and trains his short German hair called Pantheon.