Han Joon-hwi asks Kang Sol B about the paper and why she plagiarized him when she was good enough. Eventually, Kang Sol B comes to her parents` house, and her mother is desperate and fears that she will lose her job as a judge if she is expelled from law school. So she begs her husband to do something. The next day, Kang Sol B admits that she copied the paper, but she could have done it herself. The vice-dean (the father) tries to resign and then delivers the letter to the dean. After a show trial, law students at a prestigious university are implicated in a strange death involving the country`s former chief prosecutor who led the show trial class. Prosecutor Seo Byung-joo (Ahn Nae Sang) has ties to the teachers and it`s not cute at all. He even persuaded her to give up her career as a prosecutor and magistrate. Im 3. The trial conspired Prosecutor Jin with Representative Go`s evil son, who, like his father, has a strong grudge against Professor Yang. When she forced her girlfriend Ye-alone to make false statements about her teacher`s crime, she was unable to bear it and confessed her situation.

However, his generous donation to Hanguk University gave him the opportunity to establish himself as an educator at the university`s Faculty of Law. When he was found dead, the famous but competent criminal law professor Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min) was arrested by police after evidence pointed to him as the likely perpetrator. This is exactly what Sol-A needs when she finally returns to law school for her mock trial. Now it becomes clear that Kang-Dan was also involved. Kang Sol A is a student from a poor family who attends school on a scholarship. As a high school student, she was accused of bullying at school and met Professor Yang, the prosecutor in charge of the case. Because he is wrongly accused, Sol A is determined to become a lawyer. Sol A is particularly close to Joon Hwi and visits his study group. There`s an obvious romantic chemistry, but it never goes further than that. She and Joon Hwi take the lead in Professor Yang`s case, and while she investigates, Sol A discovers that her twin sister, who mysteriously moved to the United States several years ago, could play an important role in finding a motive for Byung`s murder. Prosecutor Jin pulls out of his sleeve and retaliates by accusing Professor Yang and Joon-hwi of being co-perpetrators.

It leads to the removal of the professor from his post. Joon-hwi also submitted his resignation from the school. “Law School” does a good job of trying to tie all the strings together for the many plots and subplots they have introduced. Our team of teachers and students finally take revenge on MP Ko and he is arrested and sent to prison. It was a bit disappointing that all his subordinates left to continue their shady business, but you can`t get them all out at once, I think. And in case you think that Prosecutor Jin has changed, he is already trying to make a deal with Ji Ho about his father`s case. Fortunately, Ji Ho is not interested in settling for something that is not complete justice. The final mock exams are held, with Ji Ho, Bok Gi and Ye Bum winning their turn. Sol A, Sol B and Joon Hwi lost technically, although their defeat was caused by a penalty that proved that their integrity was more important than winning. So it`s actually a victory! The whole group comes together to celebrate all they have accomplished. After a small jump back in time, we`re back to see Sol A and Joon Hwi use their degrees to help an older man with his legal problems.

Ye Seul provides legal advice to victims of sexual and domestic violence. And Sol B and her parents receive much-needed advice themselves. Seung Jae has asked for the maximum sentence for his crimes, so it is possible that he will spend some time in prison, although we do not see what actually happens to his case. The show ends with Sol A, Joon Hwi and Professor Yang meeting in the entrance area of the school, while the Statue of Justice appears in the background as the trio walks down the hallway. It looks like this team will be together for a long time. I wanted to see some romance between Sol a and Han Joon hwi, but I`m not so angry that I didn`t see any, because at the end of the day it will look like most dramas where the lead and the female lead fall in love, but in this case, they are just very good friends who take care of each other, but one thing that also bothers me is that I haven`t seen who won between Prosecutor Jin and Ji-ho. maybe I`ll watch the last episode again and I`ll definitely be there for a second season if there`s one And then we have another time jump, because why not, I think? Anyway, this one is a few years later. Sol-A is a lawyer and has her own law firm, Park and Yang. Joon-Hwi is now also a prosecutor, while Yang is still a professor.