The marriage certificate costs $102. Couples can pay by cash or credit card. You cannot pay with traveler`s cheques, personal cheques or business cheques. Note that the officer must have a certificate of authorization to solemnize marriages issued by a county clerk in the state of Nevada. Most established chapels and religious institutions already have authorized officials. Click here to check if a particular person is eligible to celebrate weddings in Las Vegas. This online form saves you time at the clerk`s office when you receive your marriage certificate. To get married in Nevada, you must be at least 18 years old and bring documents to prove it. Acceptable documents must include your name and age. Driver`s licences, passports, military identification cards, permanent resident cards and voter cards are all acceptable.

Note: Your marriage certificate and certificate will show your legal name exactly as it appears on the ID. So if you really want your middle name on your marriage certificate, make sure the ID you show is listed as well. Do you need a marriage certificate to renew your vows in Las Vegas? No, you do not need a marriage certificate to renew your vows in Las Vegas. When you renew your vows at Vegas Weddings, we will give you a certificate of renewal of vows in a special leatherette holder, which also includes a professional 5×7 photo of your experience with us. However, if you want something more official, you can purchase a vow renewal certificate from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau for $21. This is not necessary to renew your vows. Can I Get an Online Marriage License in Las Vegas? Sort of, not really. Due to COVID-19 changes, you will need to apply for your marriage certificate online, but both of you will need to go in person to get the physical copy.

Don`t want the tedious transportation to the licensing office? La Chapelle des Fleurs offers VIP transportation services to receive your marriage certificate. A marriage certificate does not mean that you are married, and it is not proof of marriage. Rather, it is the documentation that shows that you are allowed to get married. You still have to do the wedding ceremony/make your vows! A common mistake couples make is forgetting to bring their marriage certificate to the wedding, Reno said: “If the couple forgets the license in their hotel room, the agent can`t legally process the paperwork to marry her.” Click here to order a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the county clerk. Marriage certificates must be available no later than ten (10) business days after the date of marriage. They cost $20. I need a marriage certificate? Where are the forms? Where is the Marriage Licensing Office located? How much does a marriage certificate cost? Here are the documents you need to have with you to get an official marriage license: Unlike other states, a marriage certificate does not require a blood test, nor is there a waiting period. If you meet all of these requirements, the couple will only need their valid government-issued ID and no other documents when you physically present yourself at the marriage certificate office. What you need to get married in Las Vegas can be best explained in 5 simple steps: The cost of the Las Vegas marriage license is $102 in cash/card, but there is a processing fee if you choose your card. Checks for marriage certificates are not accepted! You will also need at least one piece of identification: a driver`s license, passport or birth certificate. You must apply for a marriage certificate. You can get it from the Clark County Marriage Office.

Both parties must be present at the Marriage Licensing Office to obtain a marriage license. What happens if my fiancé can`t physically come to the marriage office? In certain circumstances, such as hospitalization or detention, there may be an exception. Please see the instructions at the links below: Once you have completed the pre-application, you and your fiancé© will get your license back here. If you`re planning a runaway in Las Vegas or a legal ceremony, you`ll need to apply for a marriage license for the government to recognize you as a married person. Yes, you can show up in Vegas and get married if you get a marriage license and an official. Nevada marriage licenses are only valid within the state borders. If the wedding ceremony takes place on the water or in the air, the couple should step back with the witnesses once back on Nevada soil. Once you and your fiancé© have gone through the registration process with the office employee`s office, you will have to pay the $102 license fee. The couple should click here to pre-register for a Clark County marriage certificate up to 60 days before the wedding date. There is no need to pre-register online: couples can simply show up at the Las Vegas Wedding Office (see step 3 below) as there is no waiting period between submitting the application and receiving the license.

But pre-registration saves couples a lot of time in the office. Getting a marriage license is certainly a bureaucratic step. There is nothing sexy about filling out the application or verifying your identity. However, that doesn`t mean it can`t be romantic and funny. Consider dressing up for the occasion or bringing a friend to take pictures. If you don`t go to your wedding right away, you should celebrate this big milestone with champagne or a nice dinner. Get a head start on your wedding papers! Couples can go online 60 days before their wedding date and fill out the pre-application form. This online form saves you time at the secretariat when you receive your marriage certificate. These marriages are recognized worldwide. How soon can you get married in Las Vegas? Can I get married on the same day in Vegas? You can get married in Vegas the same day you arrive if that`s your wish! Get your marriage license and cross the street from the licensing office parking lot at Vegas Weddings for a ceremony. We can also pick you up, take you to your driver`s license, get married and take you back to your hotel.

Whatever you decide, you can get your license on average and get married in an hour or 2 if you want that quickly. Currently, Nevada law allows only one man and one woman to be legally married. In 2013, however, Nevada Senate Joint Resolution 13 was passed, potentially legalizing same-sex marriage in the state of Nevada. Voters still have to vote on the resolution before it becomes law. (Update) – Since Thursday, October 9, 2014, same-sex marriage has become a reality in Nevada. On Friday 26 June 2015, same-sex marriage became a reality in all EU countries. Questions regarding same-sex marriage should be directed to the Secretary of State`s office in Carson City, Nevada at 800-992-0900 or to obtain a marriage license in Las Vegas, you will need to meet certain requirements, and then complete an application. Divorce documents are not required for remarriage in Nevada.

You must sign on your marriage proposal that you are legally divorced. 
A divorce pronounced in another State must be final in the State where it was pronounced. If you are divorced, it must be final. You need to know the month, year, city, and state where the divorce was final. How long is my marriage certificate valid? Your Las Vegas marriage certificate is valid for one year. In other words, you must have a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas within a year. Find your Las Vegas wedding package here. It is now necessary that you apply online no later than 90 days before your wedding. Fill out the Las Vegas marriage license application here. Important! You are requesting a legal document. Make sure the name you enter exactly matches the name on the government-issued ID card you will use to get your Las Vegas marriage license. Marriage certificate information in other languages: Different counties in Nevada have their own marriage districts with different times.

The most popular place in Las Vegas is open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to midnight. It`s not even closed on holidays, so bring that Christmas Day or New Year`s wedding. “Las Vegas and Nevada are literally rolling out the red carpet for couples to get married easily and quickly in our city,” Reno said. “The wedding office in Las Vegas is open most of the time.” To obtain a marriage license in Nevada, both parties must appear before an employee of a state marriage office. Individuals who are getting married must complete and sign a permit application and present an approved photo ID to confirm their identity and age. Unlike other states, it is not necessary to do a blood test. The first thing you need is a courthouse marriage certificate. The cost of the Las Vegas marriage license is $102 in cash or credit and you will need at least 1 piece of ID, driver`s license, passport or birth certificate. All couples are encouraged to complete the online application before going to the marriage office to obtain a marriage certificate.

Note that it may be possible for one part of the couple to retrieve the marriage certificate if the other party is hospitalized or detained.