Why can you ask? Because in Berkeley, it is forbidden to whistle for a lost canary before 7 a.m. You have no choice but to wait until 7am. This law should definitely be one of the strange laws in California. Whatever the cause, one thing is certain: they all deserve a few beautiful smiles. Apart from a few of them, no one is arrested for violating any of these laws – especially the one on nuclear equipment. They should be arrested for this. In Los Angeles, it`s illegal to wash your neighbor`s car without asking for their consent. Don`t even think about it. These are just some of the strange laws in California. After reading this list, many people will wonder who made these laws and why? But there are already laws in the books that seem too strange to be true, even if they are. These are just a few examples of strange laws that affect the entire state. Below are laws that only affect certain cities. If you do keyword research for these laws using the California search tool, you probably won`t find them.

Chances are these laws were repealed years ago and only the legends of their absurdity remain. But don`t worry. Using the same tool, you can still find many California laws that, when interpreted by reading their exact subparts, are weird enough to make you laugh. Here are some of our favorites: The beginning of a new year always comes with a bunch of new laws. In 2022, new laws in California have affected everything from policing to the workplace. Long Island is back with another strange law. It is forbidden to swear on a mini-golf course in Long Beach within the city limits. No swear words! Even if you lose or someone is deceived, no swearing is allowed. For this reason, the state has some really strange and specific laws. Here are 15 of the most bizarre and obscure laws still in effect today: The first on our list of strange laws in California comes directly from Carmel, where women are not allowed to wear high heels within city limits.

But not in Prunedale, California. In Prunedale, it is illegal to install two bathtubs in the same house. Does that make sense? Not at all. When it comes to strange laws in California, this is one of the strangest. In Long Beach and San Francisco, it`s illegal to store anything other than cars in your garage. The intention behind the law is noble. Such a law exists to solve the parking problem. Bingo is a fun and harmless game that seniors really love. In Fresno, however, it is illegal to hold a private bingo game.

The worst is yet to come. In Fresno, it is also illegal to play bingo while intoxicated. Life is not fun without a few drunken private bingo games. With that in mind, California won`t be California without some strange laws that still exist today. Some of these laws are so bizarre that they will surprise you. In this article, we`re going to look at some of the weird laws in California. Do you know of any other fun laws in California? Let us know in the comments below. In California, legal issues seem to make headlines for one reason or another — whether it`s another celebrity divorce, a prominent figure who avoided paying taxes, or a group of wealthy people who paid bribes to enroll their children in certain universities — but we just don`t hear as much about all the weird laws as we do about the latest political gimmicks.

or the Kardashians. In an effort to restore balance in the world, we`ve compiled some of the most interesting laws regarding everything from driving to hobbies to gardening (yes, gardening). 25. It is illegal to walk an elephant on Market Street in San Francisco unless the elephant is kept on a leash. And last but not least (laws are constantly changing). We hope you learned something by studying the really strange laws of California. Whatever you do, please don`t clean a beer cart with soiled underwear while wearing fake whiskers and a fraternity sweatshirt after catching a whale. Chico is back with another entry on the list of strange laws in California. Bowling on the sidewalk is not allowed in Chico.

Many people were looking forward to it, but unfortunately, it is illegal and they may have to pay hefty fines. When you think of the strange laws in California, you shouldn`t forget Los Angeles. It is forbidden to hunt moths under a lamppost in Los Angeles. Other people may call this law strange, but I think it makes a lot of sense. Just leave the moths alone. They don`t bother anyone. Carmel is here on our list of strange laws in California with another strange law. It`s one thing not to wear high heels. In Carmel, however, a man can go out with a mismatched jacket and trousers. Carmel is definitely very focused on the fashion sense of its residents. Burlingame is nice and peaceful as long as you don`t spit anywhere except on the baseball fields.

I`m not joking. This is one of the bizarre laws on your list of strange laws in California. It is actually illegal to spit, except on a baseball field in Burlingame. If you want to spit publicly at Burlingame, you have to join a baseball team. 16. It is also illegal to turn back in Glendale. To stay with Fresno, it is illegal to sell gasoline to a drunk person. While this is strange, it could be justified in some cases.

However, a blanket ban on selling gasoline to a drunk person seems a bit too much. Strangely, it is often easier to pass new laws than to remove old ones, so these smiling laws persist for years, even if they are not actually enforced. Whether these laws were enacted to prevent personal injury, reduce workers` compensation claims, or avoid any other type of lawsuit, it`s clear that these crazy California laws were created for specific reasons that are just stupid enough to make you wonder why. Some of our favorite weird California laws are as follows. Fresno seems to appear a lot in the list of strange laws in California. This is one of Fresno`s crazy laws. Injuring or disturbing a rock in Fresno City Park is illegal. Simply put, stay away from the rocks. 9. Between 4 p.m.

and 6 p.m., it is illegal to ride a camel on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. According to California.com, it is actually easier to pass new laws than to get rid of outdated laws. Honestly, it sounds really exciting. In Glendale, however, it is illegal to get in and out of a moving vehicle. There are a lot of strange laws in California. However, this one is stranger. It is forbidden to drive an elephant along Market Street in San Francisco unless the elephant is kept on a leash. To be more precise, it is illegal to jump from a vehicle traveling at 65 miles per hour. So it`s okay to jump from a moving car traveling at 64 miles per hour? So next time you`re in Glendale, limit our street antics to less than 65 miles per hour. In this list of strange laws in California, this law is really annoying. In San Jose, it is illegal to have more than two cats or dogs. In addition, there are other strict laws for pet owners.

There is my plan to move to San Jose with my 46 cats. From high heels that are illegal in Carmel to peacocks that have the right of passage in Arcadia, here are 27 strange laws in California. 4. It is illegal to pour salt on a highway in Hermosa Beach. El Monte is located in the San Gabriel Valley and is also on our list of strange laws in California. One thing to know about this city is that it doesn`t like arcade games very much. This is why pinball machines and horse racing are illegal in El Monte. They may not be known or even enforced, but California has tons of weird laws ranging from legal riding a camel to deciding who can wear cowboy boots. Why would anyone want to own an animal skin with a bad smell? But if you want, you can`t because it`s illegal in Chico. Since 1975, it has been illegal to “take marine mammals” in California.

Most of the time, spray paint is sealed and ID is required for purchase. However, giving spray paint to a minor under California Penal Code 594.1(a)(1)(4) expressly states that it is illegal to give a minor 6 ounces of spray paint or more. This law was enacted to prevent juvenile vandalism and the possibility of inhalant abuse. If a person is charged as a first offence, they may face imprisonment, heavy fines or community service. 24. In Berkeley, it is illegal to whistle for a lost canary before 7 a.m. Click on the gallery above to see some of them across the state, and click here to learn more about 18 new state laws that went into effect early in the new year. In this list of strange laws in California, we have seen various bizarre and hilarious laws. However, it is the best of all California laws. While these laws are rarely enforced, chances are violating any of these laws could potentially put you in jail, so be careful.