If you wish, please share your story with us to support our efforts to identify systemic issues with the VEC and the Virginia UI system. Note: We cannot respond to messages sent through this form. Generally, decisions and orders appealed deal with entitlement to unemployment insurance benefits, objectionable tax notices and other matters. A2B employees can assist New York City residents with employment and unemployment benefit issues, Medicaid/health law related issues, SNAP, public assistance, disability, and other COVID-19-related benefits and questions. NYS Bar Association nysba.org/unemployment-insurance-relief We advise and advise every client who qualifies for our services. We focus on representing clients at arbitration hearings. The Unemployment Law Project (ULP) provides free legal advice and representation at hearings to people in Washington whose unemployment benefits have been denied or challenged. PLA works with workers struggling to receive unemployment benefits. We help employees when: Legal aid at work provides detailed information on many areas of employment law. Here are our fact sheets on unemployment.

Visit our free legal information page for a full list. While our lawsuit focuses on two major issues facing people with CEV, we are aware that people are struggling with many other issues with VEC with their UI claims. The Unemployment Law Project provides free legal representation, advice, and guidance to people in Washington State who have been denied unemployment benefits or whose benefits are disputed. Read More » We provide legal advice and representation before the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board for individuals facing denial of unemployment benefits, allegations of perjury, overpayments by the Department of Employment Development, and other challenges. We ensure that our clients` voices are heard in jurisdictions, courts and legislatures and help shape UI legislation. If you are applying for unemployment benefits, please read our factsheet and apply online at uio.edd.ca.gov. The Legal Aid Justice Center is currently generally unable to provide one-on-one representation or support because our resources have been focused on systemic change. Your local legal office may be able to provide more information and assistance with your concern. See locations below or click here www.lscv.org/ Through aggressive individual representation, LSNYC`s UI project advocates for unemployed people to receive unemployment insurance (UI), an important income support for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own or who have had to quit due to domestic violence, a health problem or some other good reason. Our expert lawyers provide both legal advice and direct representation at UI hearings and appeals and, in collaboration with elected officials, other lawyers and community organizations, help educate the public and policy makers about the impact of different UI policies on the low-wage workers we serve.

We have helped thousands more workers file claims through our collaboration with the Ministry of Labour to make their claim forms easier to use. We`ve organized the information into areas, such as getting a job, paid time off, vacation and other benefits, and unemployment benefits, so you can quickly find what you`re looking for. Join us for a live webinar on Monday afternoon, November 7, where we will answer your questions about COVID-19 and unemployment benefits. Here you can also view recordings of our past webinars. Why ULP? The hearing is your only chance to create a legal record of your unemployment benefits. Legal Services NYC www.legalservicesnyc.org/component/content/article/903?Itemid=191 Legal Assistance Hotline: 917-661-4500, open Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Legal Aid Society www.legalaidnyc.org/get-help/covid-19/covid-19-information-for-clients Access to Benefits (A2B) Helpline: 888-663-6880, open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are thinking about quitting your job or have already quit your job, you should start here. Legal Service Volunteers (VOLS) helpline for the unemployed: 347-521-5720.