What made the blockade illegal was the landing of troops. The cessation of trade is far from an invasion. As I mentioned earlier, I will not dwell on it, except that we have a lot of views and laws and they are constantly changing. And the rules can be different, so I doubt it`s difficult to change a pre-existing law to ignore the transition from blockade to invasion. I don`t see how it can be legal to block an entire planet (which probably corresponds to a castle siege in the Middle Ages)? TL;DR – It probably wasn`t legal, but the Neimoidians relied on Darth Sidious to hide it. They seem to think he actually believes it`s legal. He probably knows it`s not legal. Speeding is also illegal, but many people do it every day. The U.S.

invasion of Iraq was probably illegal too. But so what? It happened anyway! Of course, it was illegal for one member of the Republic to starve the citizens of another or to use force against the ships of other members. And if you`re not convinced, there was another similar incident on Malastare, a few years before the blockade of Naboo. The Corporate Alliance tried to block this planet, again in “protest”, but this time the Republic acted decisively and simply destroyed the offending blockade fleet. This event is described in Canon and Legends. EDIT: This is Chapter VII of the UN Charter, the section that deals with what the UN can do BEFORE it uses force under its Charter. Deploy to the table. If no senator is here, you can place a senator from your hand here to add 3 to each battle destiny that has just been drawn.

If you apply a blockade program here, you can undo a “reaction” or an attempt by the enemy to move away from a battle once during your turn. The legal status depends on who examines it. For example, the Brazilian blockade of Rão de la Plata in 1826 was legal under British law, but illegal under French and American law. Countries have always had different views on the legality of a blockade, and it usually depends on whether they believe the country to be blocked is the bad guy. or if they make money by trading with the land or blocker to block. It sounds mercenary. One way or another, it is. Nute Gunray: [On screen] Yes, of course. As you know, our blockade is completely legal and we would be happy to receive the ambassadors. An unoriginal comment? No surprise, the comments section of this submarine could be generated by bots. Until proven otherwise, the trade association has claimed that it is pursuing a legal means of protesting the taxation of remote trade routes. In fact, blockades have been legal in some countries and at the United Nations in the past, mainly to solve problems without the parties resorting to war or to exert economic pressure.

Edit: I haven`t touched on this point that others have: Does the speaker really believe that what he is doing is legal? Other answers here cover this! Article 42 If the Security Council considers that the measures provided for in Article 41 are or have proved insufficient, it may take such measures as may be necessary for the maintenance or restoration of international peace and security by air, sea or land forces. Such actions may include demonstrations, blockades and other operations carried out by the air, naval or land forces of Members of the United Nations. What it does is create facts. The trade federation simply blocks Naboo. Naboo does not have its own army to compete with the Trade Federation. So what are they going to do? In a “protest”, the Trade Federation decided to block Naboo, or to be precise, to forcibly stop any ship entering or leaving Naboo. In Legends, Viceroy Nute Gunray even declared that “this was a protest against the new maritime taxes, threatening that any attempt to break the embargo would be met with lethal force, and was prepared to see Naboo starve if the regulations were not lifted.” All of this takes time. Although the blockade is probably illegal, the consequences of the Blcokade are very real. And while the Senate is debating, facts are made and history unfolds. This question was born from this quote very early in the film.

The blockade was completely illegal, but the Republic was too incompetent, corrupt and weak to intervene.