Templarism : Its Responsibility As well as Areas

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Into the Huge Degree of a great Commandery of Knights Templar such words was inscribed more “a blood-reddish Appeal Cross,” as well as compensate partly the new slogan of American department of one’s Buy. The meaning, […]

Masonic Templar Regalia

New regalia donned by the present day day Masonic Knights Templar is a rough deviation of you to worn by the fresh Templars of your own dark ages. The brand new sharpest evaluate is in the quantity of ornamentation into […]

by the Albert Pike Seven many years and a half keeps died due to the fact, within the 1118 eight French noblemen, uniting by themselves into a society, became the property owner and you may Brethren of Temple. It first demonstrated this new yellow […]

twelve Statements

It actually was and that is well-known getting Masonic Knights Templar in order to engrave its brands to their sword. We have zero information regarding individual Freemasons. Your best option is to try to get in touch with one group when the his Commandery otherwise Preceptory amount is on the latest blade.

I’ve had one that says M.C. Lilley & co. Columbus O. Title of one’s holder to your blade works out Richard B. O’Garro Curious with what CUOOF with the hilt of the blade means.

Could there be anyway I will get historical information about a Mason sword which had been passed as a consequence of my partner’s family relations? I am not sure if it belonged so you’re able to his great-great-daddy otherwise their great-great-great-daddy. The guy lived in Ohio in addition to their past name is actually Sanners. It’s for the sound condition even when a bit stained. We have always leftover they hanging with the a wall just like the an indicator off regard with the blade. I am merely curious as to the background easily you can expect to see what rating the guy kept as well as how much time he had been an excellent representative. I would personally desire violation all the info to our children and you will grandkids. Even though you cannot let me know one thing if you you can expect to render myself information about how I can read me who would be great thanks

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