The ongoing transfer of federal government legislation and regulation to 50 separate and independent state governments is having a profound impact on the U.S. economy. The federal government`s influence on a variety of trade issues has been greatly reduced, and regulation of many issues is primarily in the hands of state governments. Our commitment to SCG Legal allows us to better serve our clients by following trends and developments across the country. SCG Legal Praxis member firms are independent and are not bound by common legal practice. Chamber & Partners bases its ranking on research conducted by 150 full-time editors and researchers at its headquarters in London. It is widely regarded as the directory that in-house counsel rely on most when it comes to finding outside legal counsel, according to a recent survey by the International In-house Counsel Journal, an independent publication. SCG Legal is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of 50 independent law firms in or near their respective capitals and nearly 60 law firms worldwide. In 1989, 17 former governors who had returned to their state capital to practice law founded the organization to enhance their expertise and better serve clients by sharing information about legal practice before the legislative, judicial, and executive bodies of the state.

Featherstonhaugh, Wiley & Clyne, LLP is proud to be the New York representative for this prestigious organization. Based in Washington, DC, SCG Legal was founded in 1989 by the former governors of 17 states to provide businesses and business groups with an efficient and reliable way to identify qualified lobbyist lawyers. At that time, the main focus was on the state. Today, however, it has grown into a global network of over 145 independent law firms with over 11,000 lawyers in around 450 offices around the world. By combining their skills, experience and influence, SCG Legal member firms at home and abroad help businesses and business groups across all sectors navigate the complexities of today`s ever-changing legal and legislative landscape. Each SCG Legal member firm has worked for years with all branches of government in their respective states. SCG Legal provides an organized and efficient system for collecting and disseminating information on trends in laws, regulations and other developments in state governments. In terms of clients, SCG Legal`s core value is its unique network of state-owned law firms, each with sophisticated legal and lobbying expertise. In fact, SCG Legal U.S. Each year, member firms produce Lobbying, PACs and Campaign Finance: 50 State Handbook, the undisputed authoritative text on state laws governing lobbying and political fundraising.

Chambers & Partners has designated SCG Legal as the leading network of law firms in the United States. Chambers guides have rated top law firms and lawyers since 1990 and now cover 185 jurisdictions around the world. 7. October 2021 (Washington, DC) – SCG Legal, a global network of 120 independent law firms in 60 countries, united by a shared vision of world-class law firms and industry leadership, recently announced the winners of the 2021 Above and Beyond Award, an annual award that will be launched in 2020 to celebrate the efforts of member firm lawyers who “care about themselves” in their support and commitment to the success of the network. outside.” SCG Legal is pleased to welcome GOLAW (Ukraine) to its global network! As a modern network that invests in the success of its member firms, SCG Legal`s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to its professional development opportunities, the composition of its Board of Directors and committees, and its relationships with others. GOLAW is a leading Ukrainian law firm operating in accordance with international standards. The firm has been recognized in several leading international and Ukrainian rankings, including The Legal 500 EMEA, Chambers & Partners, IFLR 1000, Best Lawyers, Who is Who Legal, Legal Awards, etc. In addition, GOLAW has been in the TOP 10 of leading law firms in Ukraine for eight years.

To achieve these goals, SCG Legal encourages its member firms to adopt and implement policies to promote diversity and inclusion in the profession and in their respective firms.