This definition rarely appears and can be found in the following categories of the acronym Finder: The definition of SPS is given above. For more information, see the related information. shows only definitions of information technology (see all 203 definitions) Note: We have 250 other definitions for PLC in our acronym Attic. For more information about Series Parallel Star, see the next section. The importance of the LPC is also explained above. So far, you may have had an idea of the acronym, abbreviation, or meaning of SPS. What does automata mean? is explained above. You may also want to hear similar terms related to SPS measures to learn more about them. This website contains various terms related to research, geography, IEEE, UK degree, meteorology, optics, universities, societies, hydrology, university degrees, trade associations, finance, audit, agencies, careers, institutes, environment, government, firefighters, business, geriatrics, nursing, veterinary medicine, disability, cancer, surgery, transplantation, prevention, hospitals, prescription and other terms. (Emergency Power System) A UPS system that switches to battery backup in the event of a power outage. See UPS. SPS is mainly used in an acronym Networking in Category Computing, which stands for Series Parallel Star The acronym ACF could mean more than one thing.

To find out what this means, research all possible meanings one by one. There is no answer to this question like “MEDICAL, COMMUNITY, GOVERNMENTAL, MISCELLANEOUS” all categories for anything that does not fit into another category. It can represent anything from “leftover” items to hard-to-classify items. What does PLC mean in networking? This page is about the meaning of the acronym/abbreviation SPS in the field of computing. PLC is most often used in terminology.