The trainee lawyer will be part of Shelter`s strategic litigation team at our London headquarters. In addition to a number of strategic cases and fostering strategic litigation within Shelter`s legal team and regional offices, the intern will also assist Shelter`s communications, policy and campaign teams in developing laws and policies, and proactively research test cases of housing and wellness that will influence change as part of Shelter`s campaign strategy. The intern will explore various ways to fund policy process work, including legal aid, crowdfunding, grant applications, and pro bono. Information on all aspects of the possession process, including grounds for possession, notification obligations, unlawful eviction and harassment. Shelter Legal has a national reputation for excellence in housing law and has long sought to support the development of English law in the area of homelessness and inadequate housing issues through litigation. We use the law to solve people`s problems and test the limits of the law. We want to be able to offer a comprehensive advisory and advocacy service to all Shelter clients and fill gaps in existing legal services. In today`s challenging financing environment, providing legal solutions that allow people to access, maintain and improve their homes while maintaining profitability requires world-class innovation, imagination and financial and problem-solving skills. Legal Aid Find out if you can get legal help and find a legal aid provider Directory of Legal Aid Providers (England and Wales) – searchable by legal category, e.g.

HousingFind your nearest specialist housing company Shelter helps millions of people struggling with poor housing or homelessness every year with our advice, our legal support and advice. And we are committed to ensuring that one day no one has to turn to us for help. Please note that messages posted in our discussion forums do not necessarily reflect the views of Shelter Cymru. Shelter Cymru is not responsible for their content or accuracy. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to exclude users, including those who submit defamatory, illegal, abusive or promotional material. This interactive tool gives you a quick answer as to whether a person is legally homeless or at risk of homelessness when you seek help from a local authority. The replies contain legal notices and links to more detailed information on the tasks of a local authority. Legal advice for clients who are entitled to full public funding and who face issues such as: Unlawful eviction by a landlord, An injunction against anti-social behaviour, Unable to file a homelessness application, Dilapidated if there is a serious risk of harm to health and safety, A possession or eviction hearing (except mortgage property). The information contained on this website only gives general advice on the law in relation to the countries of the United Kingdom.

It should not be considered a complete or binding statement of the law or be considered reliable. It is your responsibility to verify that the information applies to the country in which you live. If you think you have a legal problem, you should seek advice. Legal advice on housing, including advice on applications for homelessness assistance, initiation of judicial review proceedings and appeals, defence against property proceedings, including a counterclaim and unlawful evictions. Shelter`s legal team consists of approximately 40 lawyers and other support staff working in various offices across the country. The work of Shelter`s lawyers is largely funded by legal aid. We work closely with other Shelter service teams and take complex and certified case recommendations to ensure Shelter can provide end-to-end service to its clients. The service conducts certified litigation, controlled work and judicial homeownership obligation programs. We provide services to individual clients, support digital advice and training for other lawyers and consulting agencies, and support Shelter`s organisational policies and campaign priorities regarding welfare law and access to justice issues.

The essential online legal guide for housing professionals. Shelter is Britain`s largest housing and homelessness charity, and our housing consultancy changed lives in 1966. Bristol, Bath and NE Somerset, South Gloucestershire. Shelter makes no representation or warranty that the information accessible via the Site is accurate, complete or up-to-date. Prices and availability of information are subject to change without notice. This new page deals with the problems a person may have in managing their bank account due to abuse, incarceration, homelessness or anything else that makes them vulnerable. This new page addresses issues related to fraud, identity theft, lost or stolen credit cards, and compromised account security. This new page explains what documents a person must provide when applying for a bank account and what options they have if they do not have standard proof of identity and address. This new page explains how people with a bank account can deal with some common issues, such as: how payments are handled from the account, what to do in the event of fraud and compromised banking security, and the FCA`s rules for treating customers with banking problems fairly. Chartered Institute of Housing Shelter Legal Action Group Sweet & Maxwell ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. The criteria taken into account when applying for homelessness (eligibility, homelessness, priority need, intention and local reference), the obligations of local authorities and how decisions can be challenged.