Search on Pokecheck and download those that have a completely legal analysis. I`d love that too, my legitimate mew of the wifi hgss event won`t happen, so I`ll have to use darker measurements to really complete my dex. Other Pokémon files uploaded by our users. If you have Pokémon that you want to share with everyone? Post them here! Note: .pkm files can be easily uploaded to Pokécheck. Go to the field you want, scroll down the page, click Choose File, and then click Import Generation 4 .pkm File or Generation 5 .pkm File, as appropriate. If you are looking for event captions, click here. If not, use this. There are several ways to extract pkm files from a game: I was actually looking for the same one when I came across it. Due to format differences, please indicate which generation the backup process comes from. (For example, generation 7 for Pokémon Sun and Moon, generation 6 for Omega Ruby, Star Sapphire, X and Y, etc.) If the Pokémon is from a game outside of the main series (such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon), please indicate this. Once you have your pkm file, you can transfer it back into your game. The methods are similar to extraction.

The end of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on May 20, 2014 means that you will no longer be able to extract or inject Pokémon using Pokécheck or other WFC services. However, there are other ways. In this case, do not try to swap the .pkm file as it will not transfer properly when you try to include it again in your game. To be sure, always back up your storage file before trying to extract generation 3 Pokémon. If you do not have a specific generation game or if you do not have the necessary hardware, it is still possible to transfer .pkm files over one or more generations using a software solution. There are several options: Sometimes extracting the .pkm file of a Pokémon transferred from generation 3 games via Pal Park can bring up the verification with red flags. This can happen to all Pokémon, events or not, so be careful when extracting files for Pokémon transferred through Pal Park. The .pkm file may be corrupted.

The error is limited to Pokégen, so using another editor for saved files (such as PKMDS) will not result in corrupted data. If you would like to download an event Pokémon, please post it here. If you would like to download a complete storage file, please post it here.