Flower Nylund: I’ll allow it to be for you to decide, Dorothy

I vow. Tune in, if you have ever a night for which you are unable to bed, I will visited your room and play “Kumbaya.”

Rose Nylund: Both family regulated more fertile herring waters from the coast of Norway, therefore of course, it seemed like it might be within welfare so you can band together with her. Oh, child, are that an error. You will find, it did not acknowledge what to do on herring.

Rose Nylund: Just. The new Johanssons planned to pickle new herring, in addition to Lindstroms desired to show them on circus.

Rose Nylund: Oh, not that variety of circus. An excellent herring circus. Sort of such as Water Business, just quicker. Much, much smaller. However, bigger than a beneficial flea circus.

Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak: Uh, let me know, Rose, um. Ah-ha ha ha. Did it actually shoot an excellent herring off a canon?

Sophia Petrillo: Could you be joking, it is a riot! We taken this one towards the old-man Peterson when they shown ‘Psycho’ during the family. They told you he would never ever go again. He wandered! Better, good-night. [swells the brand new knife to] Nice desires! [exits kitchen area chuckling maniacally]

You put an advertising on Personals column that being said I will perform something for eight bucks one hour?

Rose Nylund: It’s a great St. Olaf tradition- you retain driving if you do not dislike scent any more and you may that is where you reside!

Dorothy Zbornak: Rose, We have realize most of the chicago women seeking women require-ad from the report. Exploit isn’t right here. Are you currently sure you dropped it well during the newspaper office?

Flower Nylund: Dorothy, your informed me what you desired me to do an excellent dozen minutes. Any idiot might have over it.

Dorothy Zbornak: Just what exactly? It’s correct significantly less than a post you to definitely checks out, ‘History teacher looking to non-puffing Oriental lady that is on Wesson Oil and you can carries a good resemblance so you can Florence Henderson.’

Jerry: [afterwards, due to the fact Dorothy says good-bye which have apologies to an excellent priest she mistakenly consider was resonding in order to their post, Jerry appear barging from the entry way and techniques Flower] Hi, listed here is my seven bucks. Let us begin, Dorothy.

Blanche Devereaux: [Dorothy leaves Jerry away, exactly as Blanche is originating home] Ladies. Female, there is a shuttle-load of Greek mariners away front side. They want to recognize how of several drachma you can find within the seven cash!

Blanche Devereaux: A number of the anything i did during the senior school aren’t necessarily suitable when the audience is people, such as getting away all night, carousing doing, relationship almost every other kid you see

Trudy McMann: [just receive their spouse during sex that have Dorothy] What sort of people leaps towards the bed together with her dearest buddy’s spouse?

Jack McMann: [shortly after discussing Jack and you can Dorothy during sex is a beneficial prank] Jack, I can’t believe your went additionally!

Trudy McMann: Dorothy Zbornak, this is the really underhanded, sneaky fundamental laugh anyone’s actually starred and that i has just one point to state: boy, enjoys I missed your!

Blanche Devereaux: Oh, better the most wonderful thing took place, they discovered an effective donor! And you will sophisticated match! She is actually a resigned Mormon college or university professor.

Blanche Devereaux: Oh, I shall say! You to definitely renal is showroom this new! As to why, the fresh new wildest issue one ever passed through there was Ovaltine!

Sophia: [to help you Virginia] I would present certainly my personal kidneys but I think you might favour one to you might control.

Sophia: Since he never calls, he never ever produces, We just tune in to off your in the Xmas as he sends me personally a parmesan cheese parmesan cheese nativity world. I am Catholic, I can not pass on a wise son towards a beneficial Ritz cracker.

Blanche Devereaux: Oh, Caroline, 12 months after your wife passing away actually things. Why, I have had someone call me when their wife was in intense care and attention!