Luckily, you don`t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on a commercial license. A basic business license has either a small fee or a few hundred dollars. Some permits may cost nothing at all. The licenses you need may also depend on the types of products you sell. For example, if you were selling fireworks, you`d probably need a different license than the one you were selling if you were selling jewelry. Not having a business license is illegal, but the extent of a violation of the law depends on the industry, location, and depth of licensing requirements. For example, an accountant who works from home without the proper license or approval is a minor compared to an unlicensed freight forwarding company. The accountant could face local fines, fees and possible tax arrears. The freight forwarding company could face fees, fines, and fees not only from local authorities, but also from state and federal agencies. If your business signage doesn`t meet the needs of your local government and you don`t have the necessary licenses and permits, your business can face serious fines. Therefore, to make sure your signs are legal, check with your local government to find out what types of licenses you need to follow the signage codes.

In addition to a general business license in Washington State, you may also need to obtain a professional or professional license. A company that operates without an appropriate licence may be forced to cease operations. For example, a bar that operates without a liquor license is likely to be closed. Radio and television: If your company broadcasts information about radio, television, satellite, or cable services in the United States, contact the Federal Communications Commission to obtain the federal business license you need to operate. Hand out business cards to inform people about the company. Attend meetings and events that are related to the company. For example, if the business includes child care, leave business cards in community centres, playgrounds, religious gatherings and pediatric practices. Remind satisfied customers or customers to share their good company reviews. Word of mouth offers a great opportunity to attract new customers to a business. Ask customers to post reviews about the company on their social networking site – Facebook or Twitter, for example – or on the community`s online forums. This way, you can be sure that you have the necessary licenses to start and legally operate a business – and you can avoid fines or penalties due to a lack of compulsory license. Most states have offices specifically designed to issue state trading licenses, but you can also refer to the SBA`s State Trade Licensing Office Locator to find out where you can get your own.

Fish and Wildlife: For a business in the wild or in the commercial fishing or wildlife industry, you will need to obtain certain environmental permits and licenses before you begin. As a general rule, any company that employs wild animals should check with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to see what exact permits it needs. What licenses are needed to start a business in your home? Here are the basic licenses you might need: If the state discovers that you`re running a business without a Washington state business license, all sorts of bad things can happen. You will undoubtedly be asked to stop doing business, and you could be fined. If you operate an unregistered business, you are personally responsible for your business. If someone sues your business, he or she will sue you. If you do not form a limited liability company, you assume personal responsibility for any debt incurred by your company. This means that when you form a limited liability company, all business debts are related to the company, not to you. Mining, drilling and nuclear power: If your company is involved in drilling for natural gas, oil or other natural resources, you will likely need a government drilling license to do so. Or, if you`re in the nuclear energy business, you need to apply for a business license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

If your local governments don`t need a business license right away, you should take care of getting one as soon as you start making a profit. You can register as a sole proprietor instead of a separate business, but that leaves your business profits and taxes related to your personal finances and tax returns. Virtually every company in Washington is required to purchase a business license for Washington State. No, you do not need an additional online business license. The most important thing here is that you have a business license period that allows you to sell your goods and also registers you to pay the taxes for which you are responsible. If you`re a physical retailer looking to add an online component to your existing store, you don`t need more paperwork. Almost all small home-based businesses need a home-based occupancy permit to work legally. Consultants or freelancers may only need a home occupancy permit as a small business license.

This only applies to certain companies, but again, you need to contact your state to find out what regulations they have for DBA licenses. If you`ve already used a different name and want to change it, it`s especially important that you take care of it. A fire service permit, usually issued by your local, county or city government, allows you to be open to the public. A permit from your fire department is required, especially if your business uses combustible materials. For a more in-depth look at getting a new commercial license, read Commercial Licenses: How Much Do You Need and How Do You Get Them? Shipping: Does your company use the transport of goods abroad? You must apply for a business license from the Federal Marine Commission. It is also an offence and grounds for disciplinary action for any person to use false, misleading or misleading advertising as an inducement to enter into a contract for improvement work, including, but not limited to, a home renovation contract where a member of the public may be misled or raped. Bus. & Prof. Code § 7161(a). It is also a ground for disciplinary action against a licensee or licence applicant.

K.A. Francis is a freelance writer with over 20 years of experience and a consultant for small businesses and jewelry designers. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Adult Education. She has written for “The Einkwell,” “Windsor Parent,” MomsOnline, Writer`s Stew, Lighthouse Venture Group and others. His jewelry design company KAF Creations has been in business since 1998. Whatever happens, it is absolutely essential that you determine what applies to you and your specific business. It`s always a good idea to consult with your business lawyer during this process to make sure you get all the necessary business licenses to sell online. For the purposes of the Act, the term “licensee” is generally defined as including an individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, merger or organization authorized under the Act, and also includes any designated responsible officer (RMO), responsible general manager/general manager (RMM) or responsible officer (RME). Bus.

& Prof. Code § 7096. Even if you own a business at home, you probably need to have the following, if any: For example, if your business deals with alcoholic beverages, you will be regulated by the Liquor and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and the Local Liquor Control Board. You will find more information there. You`ll likely be asked the following information when applying for a local business license for Washington State: If you start a business without registering it, you`ll be considered a sole proprietor, even if you don`t intend to be one. Basically, an unregistered business is a sole proprietorship, a legal structure that requires you to use your Social Security Number (SSN) instead of an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and your legal name as the name of your business.