The goal of this degree program is to prepare practitioners for career advancement in legal and related fields, so the program seeks candidates from a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences. Individuals who meet the following requirements are encouraged to apply: The UCI School of Social Ecology has developed an online Master`s programme in Legal and Forensic Psychology (MLFP). This graduate program is designed for working adults or university graduates who wish to further their education and gain skills that will prepare them for careers in the field of legal and forensic psychology. Graduates of the program are well suited for careers as jury counsellors, court liaison, expert witnesses, victim advocates, law enforcement lawyers, case managers, and program directors; and well prepared to work in a variety of settings, including correctional facilities, mental health facilities, community agencies, jury counselling agencies, psychiatric centres, child welfare agencies, social services and local law enforcement agencies. The MSc in Legal and Forensic Psychology is designed for college professionals or graduates who wish to further their education and gain skills that will help them pursue careers in the field of legal and forensic psychology. Students will be immersed in an interdisciplinary field dedicated to advancing academia, testing theories and engaging public service relevant to the participation and experiences of individuals in legal contexts. For example, students learn about the interpretation of scientific evidence and psychological assessment, the protection of childhood witnesses, the accuracy of human memory, the assessment and treatment of juvenile offenders, and the role of human and organizational factors related to miscarriages of justice. Instead of a thesis, students must take a final course in the winter term of the second year of study. Students are required to write independent sessional work as the highlight of their courses in the program. Students demonstrate how the knowledge and skills acquired in this program can be applied to a research project. Students can choose a topic of their choice that is relevant to legal and forensic psychology and write an article that shows originality and rigor in the design and systematic treatment of the subject.

The Master of Advanced Study (M.A.S.) in Criminology, Law and Society prepares professionals for leadership positions in the criminal justice and legal professions. The programme focuses on the theoretical and practical applications that are at the heart of crime and its control, social policy and law. Students who complete our program are positioned for both career advancement and other academic endeavors. Our graduates have careers in a variety of fields, including the FBI, Homeland Security, Attorney General`s Office, Police Services, Criminal Units, Probation Agencies, Probation Agencies, Clerks, Right of Appeal, Criminal Defense Law, Psychology, Education, and Social Services. CLICK HERE to learn more about the program. Instead of a thesis, students complete a thesis project in which they must synthesize the knowledge gained during their studies and analyze an area where psychology can influence legal policy and/or practice. Graduates of the program will be well prepared for careers in a number of fields that benefit from an understanding of forensic psychology, including (but not limited to): judicial liaison officers, intelligence analysts, court managers, research analysts, policy analysts, victim advocates, law enforcement agencies (local, state, federal), case managers and program directors; and be able to secure employment in a variety of settings, including community agencies, the court system, psychiatric centres, social services, and correctional and law enforcement facilities; And once they are employed, they are well positioned to advance in a number of related fields, eventually becoming leaders in the field of law and psychology. UCI`s new interdisciplinary online Master`s degree program, Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology (MLFP), prepares graduates to lead in fields at the intersection of psychology and law.

Our program consists of world-class faculty from the Department of Psychological Sciences, the Department of Criminology, Law and Society, as well as the UCI School of Law and the University of Washington School of Law. The UCI School of Social Ecology has developed the Certificate Program in Legal and Forensic Psychology, which is administered by UC Irvine Extension. This program is designed for professionals such as lawyers, probation officers, jury counselors, court liaison officers, expert witnesses, victim advocates, law enforcement lawyers, and case managers who need to develop their knowledge of how human behavior and forensic science are integrated into the U.S. justice system.