As the country`s Silicon Valley, Bangalore was home to IT companies. The Maheshwari & Co. team is one of the best law firms in Bangalore, providing the full range of legal services that businesses and start-ups need to achieve their goals in an increasingly complex world. We help formulate legally profitable business models, strategic alliances, overcome legal difficulties and complicated laws and overcome various obstacles through our understanding of regulations, suppliers, customers and others, making us one of the leading business law firms in Bangalore. Key Terms in Venture Capital Transactions and the Protection of Startups` Legal Interests Read More » Firm Description: Global Law Consultant Indian law firm providing assistance and representation in a range of matters related to corporate and commercial law, arbitration, general litigation, debt collection, intellectual property, property owners and developers, and those involved in complex dispute resolution procedures are involved. Our main goal is to provide hassle-free legal solutions and . A&A`s commercial work focuses on legal and business advice related to day-to-day legal transactions, regulatory challenges, corporate and governance issues. You acknowledge that businesses and individuals are concerned about attorneys` fees being disproportionate to the amount in dispute or the actual effort required. By paying close attention to the economy of each issue, they provide an effective and high-quality presentation. They tailor the task to the skill level required to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. The practice of corporate and commercial law covers a wide range of legal issues when it comes to drafting commercial contracts and agreements.

It broadly covers all corporate legal work throughout the company`s lifecycle. This also includes mergers and acquisitions, transaction advice as well as a wide range of practice areas such as franchising, intellectual property and sometimes litigation. Company law is the set of laws, rules, regulations and practices that govern the creation and operation of companies. It is the law that regulates the legal entities that exist to conduct business. Hemanth & Associates is a full-service law firm in India. They pride themselves on providing efficient, economically sound and results-oriented solutions for clients. They value the trust and beliefs placed in them by their clients and business contacts, and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all their transactions. They are well equipped to handle customer issues quickly and efficiently. They offer clients international expertise focused on Indian law and jurisdiction.

Truly committed and global in hiring and offering services, they work with international law firms, accounting firms and a variety of professional advisors to provide clients with a comprehensive legal solution. Dear Yogesh, Dismissal without notice is an illegal way to fire a worker under the Labour Law and the Indian Constitution. Correspondence is very important if something like this had happened. Write the QN request to the General Manager of your DTC head office in Delhi and ask him why and why he terminated your services. You can also Google my business and call me if needed. (continued) India`s biotech sector: a catalyst for growth opportunities Read More » They always strive to go straight to the heart of a thing to provide optimal and cost-effective solutions. They are practical lawyers and problem solvers who take a “hands-on, get out from behind the desk” approach to solving client problems. Trademark Click is a unique initiative that aims to facilitate trademark registration and provide a user-friendly interface to simplify trademark protection like never before. In short, Trademark Click is a one-stop solution for all your questions under the Trademark umbrella. We provide ultimate customer satisfaction with professionalism and integrity. We will meet deadlines and provide timely services such as trademark registration. less validity of cryptocurrency in India under advice Read More » An overview of digital lending guidelines Read More » I need an honest civil lawyer for Kolkata Supreme Court (More) Hello, thank you for contacting us.

Please contact me at my phone number for further discussions. Amit Jain (More) Startup India is a flagship program of the Government of India created solely to promote the culture of start-ups and build a strong ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in India. Through this initiative, the government plans to empower start-ups to promote entrepreneurship, economic growth and employment across India, with the main objective being achieved. Development of the pharmaceutical industry in India Read More » D R Vijyalakshmi Advocate BAL LLB has immense experience in this sector. We offer services such as lawyers and lawyers. Our motto has always been punctual delivery, the best quality and optimal costs. We have been active in this field for several years and have extensive experience in this field. We are in contact with our customers through quality, performance, service and support.

In order to offer the greatest value to our customers, we also take care of our customers. We l. show less The firm consists of a good team of in-house professionals and an extensive network throughout the country and the firm has a fully operational office in Bangalore. All members of the firm adhere strictly to the firm`s client satisfaction rules to ensure, among other things, that quality and response time are maintained according to the highest international standards and that client satisfaction is optimized. Globalization has recently changed both the perspective and the functioning of markets. There is a clear shift from a producer-driven market to a customer-driven market. It is necessary to follow the needs of the customer and, accordingly, introduce services and products that the customer can use with a simple click on his . The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has extended the deadlines for holding Annual General Meetings for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, taking into account the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country. Extension of the Annual General Meeting In accordance with the provisions of § 96 . Benefits of Enrolling in the Startup India Program Read More » Nowadays, digital investments and digital assets have become the new trend, as they have made it possible to sit comfortably at home and expand their investment pool by buying assets online through various platforms and exchanges that do business in such a region. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge Coin, to name a few, are .

Rao Law Chambers, 563, 17th Cross Road, Indira Nagar, II Stage, Hoysala Nagar, Bangalore. Key takeaways from the economic package announced by Union FM Read More » You need a lawyer to help you set up your chart of accounts, regularly review your numbers, and prepare any necessary central, state, and local tax returns. Ahlawat & Associates has extensive experience advising clients on key business transactions that can be extremely beneficial to their long-term business plans.