The South East Legal Alliance (SELA) is a regional network of independent law firms that advise clients on their activities throughout South East Europe. Alliance members are among the top law firms in their jurisdictions, offering local and international businesses the full range of legal and business services. SELA offers a unified team with strong expertise in South East European countries, experience in cross-border transactions and optimized service. SELA`s top priority is customer service. Allianz`s international and commercial approach ensures that clients across the region receive first-class representation and a consistent level of professionalism. Participation in Allianz is exclusive and by invitation only. You can monitor any changes that take place in the law firms you follow. To track them, click Set up notification. SELA currently covers eight jurisdictions in South-East Europe and plans to further expand its membership. SELA member firms are carefully selected for their reputation and track record, as well as their in-depth knowledge of local laws, business and the political environment. The lawyers at each of our member firms have extensive experience in various sectors and many lawyers are graduates of wealthy American and European universities.

Fluent in English, as well as knowledge of French, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian, our member firms have specialized offices offering a full range of services in these languages. Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian, English.