51. A lawyer may examine parliamentary bills for remuneration, publish legal textbooks for remuneration, conduct press audits for newspapers, supervise students for legal examinations, prepare and examine questionnaires; and engage in broadcast journalism, lecture and teach legal and non-legal topics, subject to regulations against advertising and full-time employment. The election of the members of a Council of State is scheduled for 15 January 1965. According to the regulations of the Council of State, ballots must be sent 10 days before the election date. Accordingly, the deadline for the submission of ballots is 4 January 1965; 4. (1) When drawing up the electoral list, the secretary of the competent prosecutor`s council shall, at least 150 days before the date of the election, publish the opinion of the secretary of the prosecutor`s council concerned in the prescribed form in the Official Gazette and in two or more local newspapers, unless the council of the bar association concerned already maintains a list of lawyers entitled to vote under section 2 of this Regulation. one in English and the other in a national language decided by the Council of the State Bar Association, each of the lawyers on the list of the Council of the State Bar concerned being invited to notify the Council of the State Bar within the period specified in the said announcement or within such extended period as may be granted by the Council of the State Bar for reasons to be recorded; teach; if he has suffered a disqualification referred to in Rule 2 of these Regulations and cite Rule 2 of these Regulations in this notice. (ii) the candidates who obtained the fewest votes in the following order, after all surpluses have been transferred in accordance with the rules of the Council of State relating to the transfer of the surplus and the number of elected candidates is less than the required number and after exclusion from the election, if any, in accordance with paragraph (i) of this paragraph. There are two branches of LL.B law courses, namely a five-year law course and a three-year law course for the purpose of registration as lawyers, as required by the rules of section A and section B, respectively. 3. In cases which are not governed by any of the provisions preceding this Chapter, or in case of doubt, seniority shall be fixed, at the request of a Council of State, on the dates fixed by the Council. 19. The Council shall publish, by notification, in the Official Gazette of India and in the major newspapers of India, the names of universities whose law degrees are recognized under these Regulations, together with a list of law faculties among universities authorized to provide professional legal education in accordance with these Regulations, and shall send a copy of the above notification to all universities: provide legal training and advice from the State Bar Association: 45.

It is inappropriate for a lawyer to charge or accept fees or bonuses from a person in exchange for legal training in accordance with rules prescribed by a state bar board that allow that person to qualify for registration under the Lawyers Act 1961. The Bar Council of India has various committees that make recommendations to the Council. The members of these committees are elected from among the members of the Council. 9. This Regulation shall govern the elections of all State Bar Associations held after the entry into force of this Regulation and all Councils of the State Bar Association which elect their members shall draw up their electoral lists in accordance with this Regulation. According to the Lawyers Act, the Bar Council of India consists of members elected by each Bar Council, as well as the Attorney General of India and the Attorney General of India, who are ex officio members. [ref. needed] 6. The parties shall have the right to obtain a copy of the decision or decision of the Council or the Committee against payment of the fees provided for in the Council`s rules of procedure. The chair of the council or the chair of the committee may also allow copies of another part of the investigation record to be filed against payment of the prescribed fee at the time of the pending election application. 17.

All permanent staff of the Council shall be entitled to pension funds and gratuities in accordance with the rules established by the Executive Committee and approved by the Council of the Indian Bar Association. (ix) If, during a count, a candidate who receives the quota or more is to be excluded in accordance with rule 4 (a), the transfer of his votes shall be postponed and effected immediately after the declaration of the other candidate who received the quota mentioned above at the time of such counting and the transfer of his votes in accordance with these Rules. 17. (1) No college shall provide instruction in a law course for registration as a solicitor after the coming into force of this Regulation unless its affiliation has been approved by the Bar Council of India. 40. Any lawyer entered on the lists of the State Bar Council must pay the State Bar Council a sum of Rs. 1 800 every three years from the date of publication in the Official Journal, accompanied by an explanation of the information contained in the form at the end of this Regulation, of the first instalment to be made not later than the date of publication in the Official Journal or of an extended period notified by the Bar Council of India or the Bar Council of the State concerned: 2. If, after a count, only one seat remains vacant and the value of a candidate`s papers exceeds the total value of the papers of all other remaining candidates plus any uncarried forward surplus, that candidate shall be deemed elected. However, such a candidate shall not be deemed elected if he has been entered in the national register for less than 10 years and if the total number of candidates registered for at least 10 years among the lawyers entered in the national register in accordance with this Regulation is less than 8, 10 or 13. if need be.

(2) Copies of the Crown roll to be transmitted under section 19 of the Act shall contain Forms B-1 and B-2 in accordance with the provisions set out at the end of this chapter and shall contain such other details as the Council may determine.