The Immigrant and Refugee Law Center (IRLC) uses its knowledge to empower its clients and ensure justice for the immigrant and refugee community. Our work is based on a firm commitment to human rights, peace and security. Cincinnati welcomes refugees and asylum seekers from around the world – families fleeing violence and lawlessness in their home countries. Immigration Equality is a national organization that advocates for full equality for LGBT and HIV-positive people under U.S. immigration law. They do political work on the Uniting American Families Act, the prohibition of HIV and other issues, as well as direct legal representation in asylum matters, run a pro bono project, and mentor other lawyers. LGBT foreigners receive up-to-date information about immigration law through training, information materials, and by responding to inquiries via email and telephone. Immigration Equality runs a pro bono asylum project to help LGBT and HIV-positive asylum seekers find free or low-cost legal representation. They provide technical assistance to lawyers working on asylum claims for sexual orientation, transgender identity or HIV status, or other immigration applications where the client`s LGBT or HIV-positive identity is contested in the case. They also maintain a list of LGBT and HIV-friendly private immigration advocates to provide legal representation to those they contact. Please contact them using the contact details above. The aim of this group is to get people from all over the world to inform each other about legal aid for refugees, issues related to relevant cases (gathering expertise or ideas from lawyers from around the world), policy and advocacy issues, and information about relevant conferences, vacancies and the like. When asking a question about a case, remember not to reveal a name, although it is likely that the nationality and specifics of the law in the state where you are handling the case will be relevant to any help or suggestion that another lawyer might give you.

You can always ask for help directly from your email address. This program provides information and access to contacts to help you with specific issues. The Refugee Resources tab above has been set up to provide essential advice and tools for a refugee when applying for asylum and determining their status based on their country. There is also support for family reunification, which you can access here. Click here to see the self-help package if you are applying for asylum through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The following organizations may provide immigration services through BIA-accredited lawyers or agents: IRAP is a legal aid organization that supports refugees and special immigrant visa applicants in the Middle East and Afghanistan. You cannot provide financial assistance or other benefits. They do not make decisions on resettlement and are completely independent of UNHCR and national governments. All information provided to IRAP is strictly confidential and all services are free of charge. IRAP provides free legal advice to refugees seeking asylum and resettlement.

The following are some of the types of support offered by IRAP. We promote the exchange of information between refugee legal advisers through facilitation connections and the provision of contact opportunities. We hope that our resources, especially outside our organization, will be useful. It is important that you check if this meets your needs. Please contact us if you encounter any problems. Search for your organization here. If you are not listed, but provide legal assistance anywhere in the world, please contact immediately so that we can discuss your work with you and list you. Asylum is a legal status that the U.S. government can grant to people who are at risk of injury in their home country because they are who they are – for example, because of their religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, or ethnicity – if their home governments fail to protect them. The refugee claim process in the U.S. is complicated, and a claimant is more likely to be granted this form of protection if they are represented by a good lawyer who understands the system. Our pro bono legal representation program connects lawyers with asylum seekers who need help and otherwise could not afford high-quality legal representation.

Each year, IRLC expands its commitment to providing pro bono legal services to low-income families navigating our complex legal system. We are increasingly seeing the need to protect children who have been brought into the country and subsequently trafficked, neglected, abused or abandoned, and we are deepening our partnerships with our schools and children`s charities to protect and strengthen the rights of the most vulnerable. This list is intended primarily for lawyers, paralegals, researchers and individuals for whom refugee legal aid is relevant to their work. It is not for government officials or UNHCR staff. Santa Fe Dreamers Project is a non-profit legal organization that serves the immigrant community in New Mexico. Since 2014, the Dreamers project has primarily served youth and families with an immigrant background and focuses on economic and community development. They provide national, immigration and asylum services. The Santa Fe Dreamers Project is committed to representing every skilled immigrant who walks through our doors. They strive to understand the barriers that generally prevent immigrant families in our community from accessing legal representation and to design our services with these barriers in mind. Our refugee representation program provides legal assistance to asylum seekers in the Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles metropolitan areas who do not yet have legal representation, cannot afford a lawyer, and need assistance with a refugee claim or other form of protection-based immigration status.

We identify clients who need legal assistance and match them with pro bono counsellors to help them claim asylum and ultimately obtain asylum. Through our advocacy program, pro bono lawyers receive extensive training, mentorship and technical support throughout their client`s case to ensure they receive the highest quality legal representation. Click here to see the number and origin of refugees hosted by the United States. The Legal Services Program offers a variety of legal services, including but not limited to: Such advice: Call 03 9413 0100 – Wednesday and Friday: 10am to 2pm Afghanistan Legal Assistance Line – Legal Assistance for People Affected by the Afghanistan Crisis: Call (03) 9413 0166 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday Legal assistance for expedited candidates: Call 03 9413 0101 or send an email Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm If you are affected by the crisis in Ukraine and need immigration advice, please call our telephone advice line. NIJC represents low-income immigrants in all non-employment immigration matters, including refugee claims. NIJC staff and volunteer lawyers working with NIJC represent hundreds of asylum seekers each year and provide legal advice on thousands of non-asylum immigration issues. NIJC represents only refugee claimants (refugee claimants residing in the United States or at its borders) and not refugees outside the United States. You have produced a pamphlet on the asylum process in the United States, Know Your Rights: Information Packet about Detention, Deportation, and Defenses Under U.S. Immigration Law. Physicians for Human Rights is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that mobilizes health professionals to investigate the health consequences of human rights violations and work to end them. Their “asylum program” aims to help torture survivors and other non-citizens seeking refuge in the United States.

Physicians for Human Rights specializes in conducting forensic and psychological and physical assessments to document evidence of torture and ill-treatment. The medico-legal affidavits they submit to the courts on behalf of survivors are often the deciding factor when judges grant asylum or other deportation facilities. Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW) provides services to refugees and immigrants. Since 1975, LCSNW has resettled more than 35,000 refugees in the northwestern United States. We provide case management, employment, citizenship, immigration legal advice, seniors` services and refugee programs for unaccompanied minors. Our refugee resettlement program has offices in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. Lemkin House offers asylum seekers in western Michigan a safe place to stay and prepare their case as they navigate the difficult legal and mental transition from asylum seeker to refugee. It also provides legal assistance to asylum seekers who do not need a place to stay but do not have financial resources. The Rights in Exile programme promotes the legal protection of refugees worldwide and is implemented by AMERA International. We do this by centralizing resources for legal aid providers and refugees themselves.

IRAP`s reception and legal information team provides legal information and advice to displaced persons and, in collaboration with our offices in Jordan and Lebanon, researches cases with full legal representation through partner referrals and an automated chatbot. Our lawyers, caseworkers and paralegals – in collaboration with our pro bono partners and student sections – then represent and litigate on behalf of clients to ensure they have access to legal protection available under national and international law, including refugee protection, special immigrant visas, asylum, family immigration and other humanitarian routes.