Internet, I said. In google, type “is Proxer. me legal? And that`s it. Hi guys, So I found a really cool app!! Unfortunately, I don`t know if this app is legal??? So, this app is called: “simple mp3 downloader”! So I`m just wondering if you have to pay a fine if you download songs from it?? I mean this app can be found in the Appstore and in the Playstore and it is free and many people have already downloaded this app!! Thanks in advance:) The forum and chat can be used legally, but it is illegal to spread there But most of the time, illegal web hosts and even nen own the Proxer feed is called In an older interview, the founder himself revealed that his site would be illegal, but also referred to a fair concept. While in the past all early animated series were available on the site, the focus is now on episode streams that were not allowed in Germany. If these are legally available at some point, Proxer only offers them with English subtitles. is one of the many websites that make animated series available as free streams. We have verified the legality of this system. At you will find thousands of anime and manga images as well as videos. Whether the website is legal, we tell you in this handy tip. Proxer offers streams without a license or to legal hosts like Netflix Crunchyroll In an interview, the founder himself described the site as illegal, but I recently read in an article about the proxer. Me is legal.

But since it is only said that German fansubs are illegal, I wanted to ask what it looks like with the narrow subtitles Hello and although I recently saw that Proxer is still online and there I googled if it is legal to look there on some pages is only download not and make say no (because there is no gray area anymore or) “The Proxer page. Visiting me is safe and legal. Viewing photos and videos on the website is also not punishable. However, if you download the works, you will find yourself in a kind of gray area. So, is Proxer legal? Not really, because the platform still offers content for which it does not have a streaming license. But here too, the following applies: where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge – as long as no one holds the website accountable, neither operators nor users will have to expect legal consequences. It is completely illegal to use an application (Proxer.Me – anime and manga), while it is prohibited in your country. However, you may access it for special reasons such as closing an account or getting your content/money from the app. You can use another country`s VPN and access it. We strongly recommend that you do not use it with a VPN as this could cause legal problems. According to this logic, Crunchyroll and Wakanim would then also be illegal😉 without Premium.La most of the time, operators attach a “but” to their executions to justify why they do it anyway.

In this case, the most common accusation is that Proxer encourages and encourages the downloading, viewing, and linking of illegal movie streams. While watching these manga and anime streams is in a legal gray area, downloading and sharing such movies is certainly a copyright violation. So why is it done anyway? I have now read from various sources that this should be illegal or legal, I now wonder which of the two is true or if both are partially true. Almost everyone has done this before – illegally streaming series or movies on the Internet. No wonder, because apart from the large selection, the offers are usually free and child`s play. A few mouse clicks, a little advertising here and there and the desired video appears in full-screen format on the screen. I just downloaded the mangareader app via the AppStore. There are a lot of manga and some (like Tokyo Ghoul:re) are even complete. Normally I would spend about €10 per manga and now I just have a full series of manga for free. But is it legal? The German community of anime and manga fans gathers at On the extremely well-maintained site you will find everything on the subject. But is it really legal? In a legal sense, any offer of streams for which the provider has not concluded a license is illegal.

This also applies to anime that has been subtitled in German or English by fan groups. However, even here it is true that there is no judge where there is no Kläger. So as long as no German company goes to court to prevent movie streaming, won`t have any problems – and neither will its users. If you really want to be on the safe side, we advise you to use these legal and free streaming services. How do I remove an anime from my “Will Watch” list on the Anime Proxer or Proxer Me page? I thoughtlessly “noted” a damn bad anime, it`s so bad that I`m embarrassed to have it on my list. Thanks in advance for the answers ^^^ If you want to access Proxer.Me – Anime und Manga using a VPN for some reasons, you can try one of the few VPNs listed below. These are the best VPN services and have been tried and used by millions of users around the world. In addition, they are easy, faster and offer complete support and security when in use. 1. ExpressVPN2. NordVPN As far as I know, Proxer has been removed from the AppStore. But there is also the website, the link to which I am not allowed to insert here.

Are you comparing Crunchyroll to Proxer? It`s like BS compare with RTL It`s FREE to download and you can download it from Google Play Store. Since the app is already published, you can buy directly from the store., an anime site where fans can get informed, exchange ideas and, of course, enjoy the latest episodes of Japanese anime, works on the same principle. The concept is strongly reminiscent of Anime4You and KissAnime, but unlike the competition, Proxer is legally in a safe setting. One Piece Stampede: When will it be released in Germany? I was on vacation with colleagues in the summer and we downloaded Tinder for fun and used it a bit.