You may be able to ask someone like a counselor or lawyer to act as a representative during the call, but they are not always available. Advice from your local citizens or your legal centre can help you find one, but if there is a cost, you cannot get legal aid to cover it if you live in England or Wales. You may be able to get help with costs in Scotland. A representative can help you with the paperwork and speak on your behalf. You need to be prepared to answer questions about your income, your partner`s savings and benefits, as well as the question you want legal advice on. (i)any rent or annual payment (in the form of interest or principal) in respect of a mortgage debt or hereditary security in respect of the person`s only dwelling or principal residence, less housing allowances paid in accordance with section 130 of the 1992 Act or section 129 of the 1992 (Northern Ireland) Act; or the LAA Civil Legal Aid Eligibility Key Card has been updated. Guide to assessing personal payment independence for notice providers available at Guidance on Distaking Windrush Compensation Scheme Payments published. The allpay app accepts payments for legal advice. You need to download and configure the app on your smartphone. When the app is downloaded, you will need your barcode number and a debit or credit card. (b)the person does not have sufficient financial resources to pay the costs of legal representation, even if the Director has determined, in accordance with subsection 21(1) of the Act, that the person is not entitled to representation under section 16 of the Act. (i)any personal autonomy allowance paid in accordance with Part 4 of the 2012 Act(34).

DWP has created a toolkit of Gudance and letter templates used in PIP, available from, and a leaflet available from The means test to assess financial eligibility is one aspect of determining whether a person is eligible for civil legal aid. The resource test is set out in the Civil Legal Aid (Financial Resources and Payment for Services) Regulations, 2013. This limit is set at £8,000 for all civil legal services, except those relating to an immigration matter under section 8 (3), which is capped at £3,000. `provider` means a person with whom the Lord Chancellor has entered into an agreement in accordance with section 2(1) of the Legal Aid Act (`the agreements`). To pay cash at a post office, you must scan your LSANI barcode. You must keep the receipt and allow five business days for your payment to reach LSANI. Updated documents: Guide to determining financial eligibility for certified work, key card for eligibility for civil legal aid under LAA, guide to determining financial eligibility for controlled work and family mediation. (h)any independence payment made by the armed forces under the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces Compensation Scheme Ordinance 2011(33); and In these cases, it is the responsibility of counsel to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete. The plaintiff also states that the information is accurate and understands that any dishonesty (in the provision of such information) may result in the withdrawal of advice and assistance, so the applicant will be held liable for all attorneys` fees incurred throughout the duration of the case.

Most people have to pay for legal advice and representation. However, the legal aid scheme can cover some or all of the costs if you have a low income and little savings. Legal aid is only available in certain areas of law, such as: Legal aid is available for cases related to non-hospital care, special educational needs, discrimination on the basis of disability, mental health and capacity, and in some cases, housing, debt, family and immigration. Additional support is available for all women who receive asylum assistance, who are pregnant or who have children under the age of three who are entitled to additional payments. You can use the GOV. Use the UK testing tool to determine if you qualify for legal aid. You need information about your income and savings. Learn how partners, conflicts of interest and parties living separately are defined when civil legal aid funding is considered.

The Independent Living Fund is a discretionary trust established by an act and funded by grants from the Secretary of State, whose trustees are authorized to make payments to help certain severely disabled people live independently. The Payment of Personal Independence (Consequential Amendments) Regulations, 2013 (SI 2013/626) add the payment of personal independence to the list of payments that cannot be taken into account from a person`s income in determining whether the person is financially entitled to legal aid or is required to contribute to the costs of legal representation under those regulations. You can use this website to find lawyers who offer legal aid advice: Read the CAB`s detailed fact sheet on alternative ways to fund legal costs.`aide juridique covers all costs related to your case, including the costs of legal advice, representation, taking evidence and court costs. It also pays the other party`s fees if you lose. However, depending on their income and savings, some people are asked to contribute to their legal fees. If this is the case, your lawyer should explain how much and when you will be asked to pay. These Regulations amend the Criminal Legal Aid (Financial Resources) Regulations 2013 (“the 2013 Regulations”), which contain provisions relating to the circumstances in which a person`s financial resources are such that they are entitled to legal aid under Part 1 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (c.10) (“the Act”).