My name is Beth, and I am a biology tutor and an advanced skills practitioner in information learning technology (ILT)

I am interested in how online learning can be supported from both a blended (flipped) perspective, and in courses delivered completely online.I am also here for selfish reasons, as I was previously a post-doctoral researcher and briefly a lecturer in neuroscience; I just can’t stay away from research;finding out new things and passing them on. Outside of work I enjoy gardening and Chinese brush painting, though I am still getting to drips with both.

Dears, Glad to see an exciting and enthusiastic group being formed.I am Idikula [ Idi ] an engineer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. I am quite excited to be here and after my short courses at MIT have been excited on the research and discussions at MIT. Looking forward to learn and share from all our smashing diverse set of experiences.

Hi there! My name is Erin and I’m a librarian at a private school just outside of Boston. For the past few years I’ve played a significant role in the development of our school’s in very excited to share that beginning next month I will be running the lab. Yikes! I have a feeling as I make this transition and begin to develop our program I’m going to need to be (very) creative. Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

Hi Folks,My name is Barry Gelston and I am an online math teacher. My website is mrgelston. I am interested in moving my math education to a collaborative learning environment where students get to create and share in order to explore mathematics.

Hi ,My name is James.I have been teaching now for about 20 years as a primary teacher in New Zealand. More recently I have been specializing in teaching ICT. I live in Manly, Auckland, New Zealand. My wife Christine is also a primary teacher. We have four children. Our oldest son is a web developer and our other children are still in school. I am excited to be joining LCL!

Greetings. Looking forward to participating and meeting kindred spirits while engaging in learning creative learning together. I blog here (not so often) and here (even less often). I am busy prototyping an online program for teens focused on supporting teens in designing individual and collaborative “projects for the greater good.” Less blogging, more heads-down. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area–the tree photo in my profile is a typical morning view.Cheers!

Hello. My Name is Anna. I am from Portugal. I already had pard in LCL 2013, and reall excited to participate now. Very happy to meet all the people who also will take a part.

But after three years it was time to change again: technological consultancy and web

Hi fellow learners! Nice to e-meet you and happy to participate in this course/community/event/process. After the Biotech Industry in the Netherlands, Capacity Building in the Philippines, and teaching and developing Engineering Design in Life Sciences / Synthetic Biology, I now develop MOOCs at the TU Delft in the Netherlands. When I’m not doing that I sing, play and listen to Brazilian music, swim, bike and run, cook and eat with friends, or, highly underestimated, improve my skills at dolce far niente.

Hi all, my name is Adriano and I live in Roma, Italy. I’m currently working at educational projects about Creative Computing and Educational Robotics, to be proposed mainly for afterschool activities.After a twenty-year career as telecommunication engineer in multinational companies (Cap Gemini Group and Ericsson), I said to myself: it’s time to change. Around a table with a few friends, one day we asked ourselves: – What about to set up an eLearning company? Yes , let’s do it . It was a great experience, and when you work for your own company, your work is handyman. In the meantime, I decided to not to leave anymore ideas to rot in the drawer. So, for instance, I have created and self published, GeoFilm Roma, a book about movies filmed in Rome, that uses QR codes to provide multimedia content via smartphones. But it was time to change again. I have been fascinated by Educational Robotics and after attending the first edition of LCL I have discovered the power of Creative Computing, Scratch and Tinkering in education. So, I have decided to start a new life as educator for facilitating STEAM competences in young people and not onlyI am passionate about history,numismatics, astronomy. I’m a maker and I like. try to guess > 3 things I like

I am excited to experiment with new tools (for example, I am looking forward to using Unhangout–I just participated in the Self-Directed Learning Unconference hosted by Dale Stephens and the Gap Year program in San Francisco)

We have two student groups using the Pali STEAM Shop this term: our MESA elective ( and our VEX robotics club. The space is lightly furnished as we are still fundraising and we are considering a “make the makerspace” summer class for students who want to help design & build out the room. Next year we are planning to offer five courses in the STEAM Shop: intro electronics (Arduino, Pi, wearable tech, interactive art), Robotics 1 (DIY thru Mindstorms), Robotics 2 (3D design and humanitarian engineering), Intro to Computer Science, and additional sections of MESA.

Hello from sunny California, US. I was part of the original LCL mooc and I’m glad to rejoin the community on a new forum. I hope that this time I can gather a learning community here at Woodbury University to follow along with me. Much more fun to do this as a group. I’ll send out an email to my colleagues here and see who joins up.

Hi! Rachel here from Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont. I’m a science educator at the Museum and involved during the past year with creating a brand new Tinkering Lab as part of our exhibit hall programming. I was part of last years’ LCL MOOC and had a great time learning and trying new things. Hoping this time to rope in some folks from work so we can have face-to-face discussions along with the online ones BDSM.

Many of the young people there are very interested in learning, but find school to be a barren, oppressive, and even hostile environment. In contrast, especially over the past couple years, I’ve met a lot of educators through various MOOCs, G+, and so on who are interested in transforming education to be learner-centric, interest-based, and overall completely different than so-called “factory model” schools that remain the unquestionable norm for many people.

It is wonderful to see many familiar names/avatars/people again! As I gather from many posts, LCL #1 was transformative for many of us. I really look forward to being part of the community again. I missed you!

For the last 20 years I’ve worked in learning and development, the last dozen or so doing instructional design. I start a new job in Long Beach, CA next month. I’m married with children: three girls.