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Their towne although it end up being but little are well-stored which have society, and you may standeth vpon a great riuers side, throughout the two miles on Mediterran sea. Families it contained: for the amount of fiue hundreth, brand new structures thereof getting very impolite and homely : every populace was fishers and water-faring males, exactly who of thence carrie victuals vnto almost every other urban centers ; due to their own towne are enuironed that have mountaines and you will woods, they haue zero corne whatsoever. trees, instead that the entire region were in the an unhappy circumstances. Besides barly-cash the new society haue nought in order to Shade into the, sauing an excellent fewe little fishes and you will onions. We my selfe could hardly for starters time survive the ultimate stinking smell of its fishes, and that stinck miserablie infecteth the complete prouince.153 Of’the towne out of Gebha. Ebha is a little towne walled round on, and you may centered because of the Africans vpon the latest Mediterran sea-shore. Off Bedis it is aboue fower and you may twentie miles faraway best quick hookup apps. Sometimes it hath populace and regularly not one, according to custome of the area. All the fields adiacent is vnfitte getting corne, are laden up with fountaines and woods. Here are also certaine vines or other fruits, but zero property of any membership.154

Of your towne regarding Mezemme. T is an enormous water-towne updates vpon an effective certaine hill hence bordereth vpon the fresh new prouince out-of Garet. Neere vnto so it towne lieth good verie high plaine, the exact distance whereof stretching southward is actually seven and twentie, additionally the depth almost 10 miles, and you may from middle of it runneth the latest riuer titled Nocore, and that diuideth the spot from Errif away from regarding Garet. So it plaine is filled by the

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certaine Arabian husbandmen, who reape such as plentie of corne around, that they are restricted to spend regarding flue thousand bushels a beneficial yeere vnto the newest gouemour out-of Bedis. This citie is actually woont in times past becoming better peopled, and you will try the new urban of your own whole area, though it were continually molested which have inconueniences.165 For very first it was almost vtterly destroied of the patriarke off Cairaoan : whom, bicause the townesmen would not pay him his woonted tribute, burned they downe, and you will beheaded new gouernour thereof: whoever lead are transmitted so you can Cairaoan vpon the latest pike out of an effective iaueline. This was carried out in brand new yeere of the Hegeira 318. Of thencefoorth for fifteene yeeres immediately after they remained destitute out-of society : after which vnder a comparable patriarke the latest foresaide towne was because of the certaine noblemen inhabited an excellent newe. Lastly it had been removed by the an excellent certaine great son regarding Cordoua. He watching so it citie stande within this fower-score kilometers from his boundaries (to have very greater ‘s the sea betweene Malaga when you look at the Granada, and therefore part of Barbarie) started initially to demaund tribute of your own residents: hence after they refused to spend, he tooke the towne that have a number of boys : for the patriark coulde perhaps not inside the so small room succour they, because of the reason why Cairaoan are distant out of thence aboue *around three and you can twentie * Right here seeme become a keen t’r> or

This is done in the brand new yeere of Hegeira Today help versus speake a bit of the mountaines out of Errif

hundreth miles. Wherefore that it towne becoming drawn along with the latest origivtterly razed, the newest gouernour thereof try sent captiue vnto Cordoua, in which he invested the new deposit away from their daies in jail. And from now on the new vvals of this towne was onely to be seene. Their mountaine is actually populated by certaine somebody hence arrived basic out-of the newest mountaines regarding Gumera. It standeth neere vnto Terga, in fact it is ten miles enough time, and almost fower miles wide. Vpon so it mountaine are fantastic LL