Ken Adachi has actually an excellent conspiracy page

The guy makes zero skills unaccounted-for within the patch when planning on taking over the world and you will hasten the fresh new Apocalypse. The latest Illuminati, not, is just one facet of the occult cabal. They have transmogrified brand new Globe Acquisition towards the a beneficial cabal itself. According to Mr. Adachi

Waterloo, Diamond Jim Brady, the brand new French Trend, any battle your care and attention to mention, homosexuals from the State dept., JFK, the Us, the latest ACLU, Jewish lenders, the fresh Communist conspiracy to deal with Movie industry making films who accelerate the newest coming of one’s New world Purchase, etc

What exactly is very amusing about Mr. Adachi’s page would be the fact even though the avoid are close, he however requires me to excite support their recruit, an organization which can help in debt integration otherwise a property loan. What’s not witty was his personality of Freemasons since a subversive cabal. (más…)