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Wali’s stopover during the Delhi are very motivational which instantly bore fruits in the form of brand new so-called Golden Age of Urdu poetry. Every one of these remains getting exceeded inside their particular genres: Mir inside Ghazal, Sauda from inside the Qasida, Dard for the Sufi poetry and you can Mir Hassan when you look at the Masnavi.

The newest ‘Ghazal’ within the Urdu represents widely known variety of personal poetry, once the ‘Nazm’ exemplifies the aim kind, have a tendency to arranged getting story, detailed, didactic or satirical objectives. Under the wide direct of the Nazm we could possibly also include new traditional kinds of poems understood by particular labels such ‘Masnavi’ (a lengthy story poem for the rhyming couplets towards the any theme: romantic, religious, or didactic), ‘Marsia’ (an elegy usually supposed to enjoy the fresh Hussain, grandson out of Prophet Mohammad, and his awesome comrades of your own Karbala fame), or ‘Qasida’ (good panegyric printed in praise from a king otherwise a beneficial nobleman), for all these types of poems has actually just one presiding topic, rationally created and you will finished. not, these poetic species provides a vintage industry vibe regarding their subject and magnificence, consequently they are distinct from the present day Nazm, designed to have come to your vogue in the later on element of the fresh 19th century.

Among the other important writers from a great and you may Khush Naghz), Shah Burhanuddin Janam, Mullah Wajhi (Qutb Mushtari and you can Sabras), Ghawasi (Saiful Mulook-O- Badi-Ul-Jamal and you will Tuti Nama), Ibn-e-Nishati (Phul Exclude) and you may Tabai (Bhahram-O-Guldandam). (más…)