Thank you for your kind attention, for us to make sure our beloved country Ghana, bears a good name

You are required to reply back within 72hours or you will be prosecuted in a court of law for money laundering, also you are instructed to desist from further contact with any bank(s) or person(s) in Nigeria or the United kingdom or any part of the world regarding your payment because your consignment has been confiscated by the Federal Bureau here in the United States.

We would inform you that we had limited your account because this ip .47 tried to access your account 3 times.We apologize for any inconvinience but the safety of your account is our main priority.

Our network here will not carry on the programming, so we decided touse ATM MASTER CARD method to finalize the transaction

To get back into your account, you’ll need to login using this link. It’s easy: 1. Click the link below to open a secure browser window. 2. Login using your email and password. 3. Confirm that you’re the owner of the account, and then follow the instructions. Restore your access.

Due to bad network we are having here in Africa we could not be able to complete your transfer through Bank On line Transfer as programmed. (más…)