This industry fact sheet is designed to help industry experts and interested investors better understand the global shipbuilding industry, including: Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the world`s largest shipbuilders and is one of the “Big Three” of South Korean shipbuilding alongside HHI and DSME. It is run as a heavy industry division of the Samsung Group. It deals with the construction of some of the world`s largest ships, including LNG vessels, specialty vessels, oil drilling vessels, FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) vessels, large container ships and Arctic tankers. The company is also engaged in offshore technology and engineering related to oil and gas. It also produces limited warships for South Korea alongside the other 2 major shipbuilders in the region. It currently operates a total of 8 wharves (3 secs and 5 floating) as well as facilities for other heavy industries. Here is BizVibe`s list of the best shipbuilding companies in the world in 2020. There are some of the biggest shipbuilding companies you should connect with. On BizVibe, you can inform these companies directly. Try it for free. The other major shipbuilders have experience and goodwill, both of which are important in this industry.

For example, the shipyards in Damen (Netherlands) and Harland & Wolff (Northern Ireland) enjoy enormous goodwill from leading ship operators and remain the sole manufacturers of some established shipping companies. The industry`s revenue was $6.14 billion in 2020, down 7% from annual revenue. The company is still one of the largest shipbuilding companies. Hyundai Heavy Industries, one of the companies that make up the “Big 3” in South Korean shipbuilding, is a leader in the global shipbuilding industry with a market share of about 10%. South Korean warships are also built by HHI. The world`s first T-shaped dry dock was built here in 2009. The main business sectors and products are stx cruise ships and ferries France Cruise SA (Saint-Nazaire and Lorient shipyards) and STX Finland Cruise Oy (Helsinki, Turku, Rauma shipyards) as well as offshore and special vessels (submarine, Arctic, fishing, research and coast guard vessels) in Norwegian shipyards, from Vietnam and Brazil, while hulls are often built in Romania. Vietnamese shipyards mainly serve the Asian market.

Other operations are carried out by STX Norway Floro AS (advanced chemical tankers, juice tankers, LNG carriers, cabins). BAE Systems Maritime, one of Europe`s largest shipbuilders, is a subsidiary of BAE Systems that focuses exclusively on military and naval products. In addition to the construction of warships, it deals with the integration of weapons, missile systems and other advanced military technologies. It is the UK`s largest shipbuilder and operates several wharves and shipyards that perform most of the shipbuilding. Customers include navies from several countries in the Middle East, Far East, America and Australia. It has partnered with several other British shipbuilding companies to maintain its place as one of the world`s largest builders of complex warships. The company`s Magnum Opus are military and merchant ships known for their quality. Genting Group (GHK`s parent company) has invested more than €100 million in MV WERFTEN, including a thin sheet metal laser welding line, a cruise cabin module factory, a new covered log cabin hall, improved manufacturing control systems, new offices and facilities. In 2019, China`s shipbuilding industry accounted for more than 37.2 percent of the global shipbuilding market, as measured by the number of deadweight tons completed, making it the world`s largest shipbuilder. Among new shipbuilding orders, 44.5% of new global ship tonnage orders in 2019 were placed in China. The leading position in the global shipbuilding industry must be maintained in the future.

Chantiers de l`Atlantique was once STX France. It is on the list of one of the largest shipyards in the world. It is located near the city of Nantes on the Loire. It was under the stx corporation, but when the STX Corporation went bankrupt, it was taken over by the French government. Then, in 2018, Fincantieri took control of the company, calling it Chantiers de l`Atlantique. Fincantieri`s order book for 2018 included 5 cruise ship deliveries as well as 24 ships ordered, as well as the new constructions of Vard and STX France. Fincantieri`s order book for 2020-2024 included 29 cruise ships (a total of 41 by 2027). One of the latest global trends in the shipbuilding industry is currently the increasing adoption of 3D printing technology in the shipbuilding process to improve product efficiency and quality. 3D printing technology allows shipbuilders to apply a computer-controlled process in which materials are layered one after the other to form a large and extensive number of ship components. This technology has effectively increased the speed and profitability of the shipbuilding process. Therefore, the increasing adoption of 3D printing technology is expected to soon drive the growth of the global shipbuilding industry.

Expect the world`s largest shipbuilding companies to continue to dominate the industry, this time with new technologies that should make shipbuilding more efficient and profitable. The company mainly builds LNG carriers, VLCC ships, but also military ships, which take the lion`s share of sales due to the constantly growing Chinese naval fleet Hyundai Heavy Industries (, founded in 1972, headquartered in Ulsan, Gyeongju, South Korea), the largest in the world, with revenues of US$19.7 billion (2010) and 26,000 employees (2011). STX Offshore and Shipbuilding Company is part of the STX Group and is the 4th largest shipbuilder in the world. The company`s head office is located in Changwon. It also owns STX Europe, the 2nd largest shipbuilding organization in Europe. Fincantieri is located in the picturesque town of Trieste, in northwestern Italy, and is one of the biggest names in shipbuilding. In Europe, there is no bigger company than Fincantieri in the industry. At No. 4 on this list of the 10 largest shipbuilding companies in the world in 2020 is Samsung Heavy Industries. Samsung Heavy Industries is considered one of the 3 largest shipbuilders in South Korea and has 3 dry docks and 5 floating docks – one of the largest shipyards in the world. SHI operates production facilities at home and abroad, including ship block factories in Ningbo and Rongcheng, China.

The three Shanghai-based shipbuilding companies, Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co, based in Shanghai, have resumed operations. The area covered by the shipyard is 1780 hectares. In 2017, 200 million tonnes of production capacity were acquired. In 2018, the shipyard built more than 2,191 vessels for about 324 shipowners from 52 countries. It also has 12,500 employees. It also has 10 large dry docks equipped with nine “Goliath cranes (gantry cranes)”. This article is included in CruiseMapper`s list of the world`s largest cruise lines. Other major Daewoo deals include: (2011) 10 large container ships for Maersk (capacity of 18,000 containers each) with an option for 20 additional vessels of this new “Triple E” class and (2012) a US$710 million contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for 4 warships (fast-fleet tankers, 37,000 tonnes each). Fincantieri creates job opportunities in many countries.