South Africa`s top lawyers and law firms have played a major role in the country`s economic, political and social policies. The legal profession in South Africa is very dynamic, and this is to be expected. The country is one of the most developed countries in Africa, which explains the high demand for professional legal services. Law firms in South Africa range from full-service law firms to specialist firms and include a mix of local and international law firms. These firms are home to some of south Africa`s best lawyers. As a black-owned law firm, we uphold the values of a democratic South Africa, striving to be the best and laying the foundation for the next generation of black lawyers to build on. The firm was recently recognized as the youngest member of the “Big Five” law firms. Ndlovu concludes, “As a black-owned law firm, our goal is to be the best of a new type of legal practice and lay the foundation for the next generation of black lawyers to build on. We are more focused than ever on our goal of becoming one of the best law firms in South Africa.

Today, Herbert Smith freehills represents 39 of the FTSE 100 companies and is among the top 5 law firms in South Africa. Founded at the dawn of New Democracy, Pule Incorporated is a dynamic black-led law firm with offices in Johannesburg, Tshwane, Polokwane, Mahikeng and Thohoyandou. The firm provides a full range of legal services to multinational corporations, publicly traded companies, corporations and small businesses in a variety of industries, locally and internationally. In addition, Pule Incorporated has an impressive track record of providing high-caliber legal advice to government departments and enterprises. Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs is one of the world-renowned “Big Five” in South Africa. Glyn Marais has been one of South Africa`s leading real estate companies since its inception in 1990. With a highly skilled and specialized team, the company has earned a reputation for excellent service and a thorough understanding of the operations of blue chip real estate companies. De Vries Shields Chiat Incorporated (DSC), a law firm specializing in personal injury in Cape Town, was established on May 1, 2004 when the three law firms De Vries (Cape Town) Inc., Henry Shields Chiat and Mostert and Bosman (Cape Town Partnership) merged. Our services include: Medical Malpractice Motor Vehicle.

Click here for more information Pinsent Masons LLP is an international law firm with an office in South Africa. The company specializes in energy, infrastructure, financial services, real estate, advanced manufacturing and technology. The law firm is one of the hundred law firms with the highest turnover in the world. ENSafrica is the largest law firm in Africa. The company currently has over 600 practitioners and has been operating for over 100 years. ENSafrica specializes in all commercial jurisdictions, including taxation, forensics and intellectual property. As a 100% black law firm with B-BBEE Level 1 accreditation, Poswa Incorporated promotes its philosophy of brilliance, action and heart by providing legal services to its clients. As a fully black-owned law firm dedicated to innovating in business law, we balance attention to detail with a broader worldview. Thanks to professional knowledge and personalized service, we focus on tailor-made legal solutions that broaden the business horizon. Poswa Inc. is headquartered in Johannesburg and has its provincial footprints in Durban and Bloemfontein. GPL is an international network of globally accredited real estate law firms that facilitate the implementation of the international real estate revolution over the next decade.

Our members operate throughout South Africa and internationally, so varoius` specialist lawyers can provide you with specific information. Click here for more information Hutton is one of the best lawyers in terms of mergers and acquisitions, structuring advice, private equity financing and private equity agreements. Allen & Overy is a multinational law firm and member of the UK`s Magic Circle, a small group of elite law firms. The South African branch is subordinate to the parent company based in Great Britain. In 2019, Allen & Overy was one of two companies that surpassed the $1 trillion transaction value. It is the 10th largest law firm in the world in terms of turnover. MNS Attorneys is one of the leading black-owned law firms in South Africa. Mncedisi Ndlovu and Tshiamo Sedumedi founded MNS in 2002 and have grown it into a highly respected and infallible professional law firm with extensive expertise in both the public and private sectors.

Here are the best law firms in South Africa according to the Law Firm of the Year Awards 2022. Each law firm is listed next to the area of law in which it has excelled. Bowmans is one of the leading law firms in South Africa with a huge team of experienced practitioners. The company offers a wide range of services. With eight offices in six African countries and more than 400 specialized lawyers, Bowmans has become the leading law firm in antitrust, labor and labor law. Our team is considered one of the best lawyers in South Africa Odette is credited with the founding of the first pro bono clearing house in South Africa in 2006. She has received numerous awards during her illustrious career in the legal industry and is widely regarded as south Africa`s best lawyer. One of South Africa`s leading black-owned law firms with extensive expertise in both the public and private sectors Over the past 25 years, the firm`s lawyers have developed a deep understanding of South Africa`s complex socio-economic and political landscape and the intricacies of its unique business environment. This vision benefits the firm`s lawyers by advising international clients. This is practical and business advice for companies already operating here or looking to set up in Southern Africa, with a proven network of affiliated law firms in the SADC region providing support for cross-border transactions. Belinda works in large corporate sales teams established at Magic Circle law firms in South Africa and New York and has experienced many aspects of the practice, so we offer expert service in many areas. Webber Wentzel is a renowned African law firm headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The firm operates as part of a collaborative alliance with another law firm called Linklaters. Webber Wentzel is considered a member of the “Big Five” of law firms. Poswa Incorporated is proud to announce that we were recently named the best black commercial law firm in South Africa with numerous awards. We work with our clients from the beginning of our legal mandate until the completion of the transaction. Although we are specialists in commercial law, we also take into account broader business contexts and make it our duty to know the framework conditions and the impact of developments on South African markets. In this way, we ensure that we become valuable intellectual partners with the aim of broadening their horizons with our clients. South Africa`s top lawyers have been at the forefront of the profession for years. These lawyers are recognized for their unparalleled knowledge, experience and skills in litigation, arbitration and legal advice. They work mainly for large law firms, which are also among the best in today`s legal industry. The firm is able to handle a wide range of legal issues, regardless of their size and complexity. Its lawyers offer strategic and innovative solutions that offer clients the best legal outcome.

Our banking and regulatory practice focuses on advising corporations and financial services companies. Our commitment to achieving the best legal results and our unwavering focus on customer service guide everything we do. We approach complex legal challenges with a solid understanding of our clients` needs and a determination to leverage our cross-sector legal expertise to find solutions that are in their best interest. 100% black boutique law firm owned by women. Provide professional, efficient and economically sound legal services. Tebogo Malatji is Managing Director of Malatji & Co. Attorneys, a Sandton-based law firm.