Umbilical piercings usually take between six months and a year to heal completely, as you are constantly making movements on your stomach while performing various activities. Almost every state has laws that deal with one aspect of body art. (Nevada has no laws dealing with body art; Maryland has very limited laws). At least 45 states have laws prohibiting minors from getting tattoos. Thirty-eight states have laws that prohibit both piercing and tattooing in minors without parental permission. Note: This does not apply to the state of Wisconsin, where you must be at least 16 years old. In North Carolina and Mississippi, it is illegal to pierce a minor. Many parents – as well as teenagers – are curious about the age at which teenagers can get tattooed or pierced. In most states of the United States, a minor (anyone under the age of 18) can have their navel pierced with parental consent, with some also requiring the physical presence of the parents during the act. The exceptions are Idaho, where a child must be 14 years of age or older; Wisconsin, where a child must be 16 years of age or older; as well as North Carolina and Mississippi, where it is illegal to pierce a minor. If you think your teen might be tempted to get body art or body modification, talk about it. Instead of just banning it, find out why your teen is interested in a particular tattoo or piercing.

16-year-olds are mature and responsible enough to endure an umbilical piercing. However, as they are not yet 18 years old, they are minors and require the written consent of a parent or guardian and an identity document such as a passport or driver`s license for the piercing to be performed. If you can`t get a navel piercing or you`re not quite ready for the real thing, you can simulate it. You must present proof of identity such as a passport, government-issued ID, and driver`s license, and the parent or guardian must be present during the piercing procedure. If you are overweight, you can get a navel piercing, but this is not advisable because the skin sometimes covers your navel. This blocks the piercing and causes a buildup of sweat, creating the ideal environment for bacterial growth and the risk of infection. You must be 18 years old to get a navel piercing in most states without parental consent. Follow-up is crucial in the first few months, so you need to wash the piercing twice a day with sterile saline and dry with a paper towel. Check with your piercer if you think it is completely healed before stopping the follow-up. Notarized consent means that your parent or guardian must provide proof of signature. This could include coming to the store and signing there to avoid counterfeiting.

Documents and evidence are also required for legal guardianship. If you give your written consent, you may need to document exactly what you are agreeing to. For example, you may need to say which tattoo you agree with your teen and where you allow your teen to get it. For piercings, you may need to document the type and location of the piercing. Minors must present an identity document and have the consent of their parents or guardians. Some teens think about piercing a navel because their friends have one, or imitating their favorite celebrity. Contact the facility in advance to discuss what your teen will need to get a tattoo or piercing if you are not present. Minors also need the written permission of a parent or guardian and their presence during the proceedings.

Note that school IDs are not valid pieces of identification. If you have an outie, it`s a bad idea to have your navel pierced, as it usually pierces the inner part of your navel. So if you get an infection, there is a risk that it will spread to the internal organs of your abdomen, leading to serious health problems. You must present a valid piece of identification at the piercing store, such as identification. In addition, your parents must give their written consent and be present during the procedure. However, many parents and teens don`t realize that there are state laws on the legal age of navel piercing. The cost of a navel piercing varies from place to place. Expect to pay between $40 and $75 for the piercing procedure and jewelry. You should also consider tipping 10% to 20%, especially if the piercer is doing a commendable job. Anyone under the age of 18 is still a minor and must provide written permission from a parent or guardian to receive a navel piercing.

To determine if your anatomical setup allows the piercing to heal safely, the piercer should carefully examine your belly button before starting the process. Many reputable piercers do not run the risk of piercing a navel-gazing out. Many piercing facilities have their own policies and will likely refuse to pierce the belly button of a 12-year-old. So if you have a 12-year-old who wants to get this type of piercing, tell them to wait until they`re older. Prior to drilling, the client must sign and date a statement that they have received this information and discussed it with the piercer. The piercer must also sign the form. North Carolina and Mississippi are the only states where it is illegal to break through a minor. In most states, umbilical piercing of minors who are at least 14 years of age is legal with parental consent.

You will feel mild pain for 3 to 5 seconds when the initial piercing is over and will feel tenderness or itching for a few days. Navel piercings do not hurt much like other piercings, such as helix piercings (upper cartilage of the ear), in which cartilage is pierced. You will only feel a slight pain similar to that of an earlobe piercing. Throbbing and pain are common in the first few days, but you won`t feel any pain after that. Learn about the potential risks and talk to your teen about dangers, such as infections, as well as social consequences. A facial piercing can affect their ability to get a job or a tattoo can limit employment opportunities. 15-year-olds can get umbilical pierced in most states of the United States with parental consent. States that do not currently have age limit laws for piercing: States where minors need written parental permission to drill and where a parent or guardian must be present during the procedure: The piercing institution must provide notice of where and how to file a report of an injury caused by the piercing. A copy of an injury report form located on the Florida Health Body Piercing Program website must be provided by the piercer. Some states require consent forms to be notarized to ensure that the guardians are the ones who actually fill out the documents. Watch this video below to show you how to make fake piercings in minutes. A little blood comes out when the drill creates a hole in the navel area.

Later, a yellow or white color may seep into the new piercing. It will create a crust that will feel tight or itchy, but this will resolve itself when the piercing heals. Although in most states you can get a piercing with parental consent at the age of 13, your body continues to grow and change, so it`s probably best to wait until you`re a little older. B@DEarlobes (only 18, 16 or 14) – Minors must be able to verbally accept piercings and write their name legibly on the release form. Laws on the appropriate age to get a navel piercing vary by state. A parent or guardian must give notarized consent and must be present. Sixteen is probably the recommended age to get an umbilical piercing, as teens of this age are more likely to be able to take good care of themselves. Although most states allow navel piercings with parental consent, it really depends on the maturity of the teen.