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Many different classic 125cc motorcycles may be for sale, including: Example: Efficient ränta 5.93% maj 2020. Kreditgivare Santander Consumer Bank. Example: Effective interest rate of 5.93% July 2020. Lender Santander Consumer Bank. Our range of 125cc scooters and motorcycles continues to grow, from the ideal city to the perfect sports machine. We have a range of styles, colors, shapes and sizes, with some of the most advanced driver technologies available. Check out our 125cc collection below: Premium, these Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha 125cc scooters also come with advanced rider technology to make your ride even more enjoyable. Our range of 125cc scooters includes Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha models, all of different shapes and sizes, so you can find a scooter that reflects your personality. Ideal for learner drivers, those who have recently passed their test or those looking for a reliable city.

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